Travel IDEA: Head to Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, just an hour from the Taj Mahal

A crocodile in the Chambal river at the Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary
A crocodile in the Chambal river at the Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

Those living in the plains of North India are used to excessive pollution in the region’s two main rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna. But did you know that there is a pristine river called the Chambal that is home to many an exotic bird and animals? And it is just an hour away from the Taj Mahal? 

You can head out from Delhi in the morning, have lunch, and enjoy a river safari in the afternoon. Other options include a camel safari in the ravines of Chambal (the infamous hideouts of many dacoits, mostly in the past), a Blackbuck safari, a bird spotting walk, or a visit to the temple town of Bateshwar. You could plan an overnight trip from Delhi, or stay longer.

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The area is an oasis of peace and tranquility, with fresh air amidst green fields. All a stone’s throw away from Delhi. Especially when you take the new expressway to Agra. When are you heading out?

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