Kunzum TV – Delhi, India: World Music Day, Hauz Khas Village, June 21 – 2013 | CULTURE, MUSIC

June 21 is celebrated as World Music day all over the world, and Delhi joined in the festive spirit with its very own celebration of music at Hauz Khas village, featuring professional and amateur artists alike.

The audience tapped their feet to the rhythms and beats of a wide variety of musical genres including jazz, blues, indie rock, world music, etc. They met artists from all over the world and soaked in the wide diversity of music on offer: they enjoyed the sounds of gentle piano chords playing over in a nearby coffee shop, or a local indie band belting out an original rock ballad around the next corner. Or they simply relaxed in an inviting, softly lit hotel lounge, engrossed in an improvised jam session by Congolese and Indian artists. There is no setting for live music quite like Hauz Khas, where artists also head outdoors to perform against the backdrop of ancient monuments glowing in the dark, or in back alleys where the walls are covered in graffiti and quirky art. There were over 20 bands performing – some of these included Raagleela, Then and Now, and the Jazz B’stards.

Not limited to special festivals though, music lovers can come to Hauz Khas all through the week to get a flavor of the local music scene while slipping in and out of an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, and cafes in Delhi’s most charming artistic hub.

The music never stops here.



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