The EU Travel Challenge – Part 8: The Old Town in Krakow in Poland – Get Entertained, for Free; Leave some tips though

This interesting individual intermittently wowed and scared the crowd with his antics!

While this fine lady pretended to be a bronze statue from the olden days.
I like to call him The Human Statue, for want of a better name.

By Harshvardhan

Some of the most incredible experiences you can have in Krakow are absolutely free. Stand in the middle of Krakow’s Old Town District and pan your eyes three-sixty-degrees. Any direction you look, you’ll find something odd. Oddly exciting, that is.

All of the tips stories I’d read on Old Town couldn’t have prepared me for this extravaganza, and even if they had registered, I would’ve skimmed through with a little “whatever” and moved on.

Seeing is believing, of course, and what I saw really did make me believe–I believed Death was there, posing for photographs, terrorizing young boys and flirting with pretty women. I believed a woman made entirely of bronze, straight out of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, was standing in the crowd while children gaped and gawked. And I truly believed a handsome man in a suit had sprung out of The Matrix and decided to freeze himself in time.

Death was a hit with the ladies, let me tell you that
She was happy to pose, even if her face was impassive as ever.

Perhaps the most fun I had watching a performance was by a man, who looked like an executive for a big Wall Street firm. Even if he wasn’t posing in the middle of the crowd, I would’ve picked him out from a mile away. His manner was endearing and the people loved every minute of it!

He would freeze himself indefinitely, until someone deposited money in his bin
Doesn’t he look like an extra from The Matrix?!
I couldn’t resist taking this epic shot!

But people in make-up isn’t the only way to be entertained here. Over many years, artists of all kinds have gauged their target audience well, picking out a few routines they know serve their purpose–to promote themselves in particular and art in general–the most.

Dancers are the other type of artistes you’ll find in Old Town, and I must say, they’re downright geniuses. Flowing movement, hip-hop beats and these guys never miss a step!

Caught in the act…..of spinning relentlessly
The dancers were charming and knew exactly how to play to the crowd

The buck doesn’t stop here either! Throughout the day, you’ll see groups of musicians setting up shop wherever their feet might take them, and once they settle in, they start belting out some hummable tunes. Gather round and hear the magic A performance I loved especially was by these three accordion players.

This was the first group of musicians, but I caught them only after they’d wrapped up
While this group seemed more entertained than even its audience!

Phew! That’s about it, right? Wrong again! There’s more! Solo guitarists appear at will! This one was playing tunes on request–I requested the tried and tested Hotel California, but someone beat me to the punch. My request, while denied, was drowned out by the sound of a cheering crowd!

He appeared as if out of nowhere. One moment I’m searching for my next photograph, the next he’s fully set up and raring to go.
It was a serene way to end the evening, no doubt about that

If entertainment is what you seek, dear reader, you might just have found the perfect place to be.

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  1. Hi Ajay, I haven’t followed the blogs faithfully, but did read a few of them. What I understood was that you are on an attempt to prove that we can have a trip across Europe well within a budget. So if I am to follow in the footstep to save money, I need to also know the places you stayed at and restaurants etc. It would be good if you include the names and the price details etc. Good photos by the way.


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