Music for the Road: Gold by JJ Cale – Vintage Tulsa for the Road


JJ Cale
Rs. 250 (

When he passed away in July, the music community was plunged into sorrow, but most casual listeners shook their heads and wondered just who the guy was. Hardly surprising as JJ Cale, the man many credit with creating the “Tulsa” sound – a mix of jazz, blues, folk, country, and the odd touch of rock – was a bit of a recluse by nature and shunned the spotlight (he did not even let his photograph appear on the cover of his initial albums). To those who really knew their music, however, Cale was the man who originally sang classics like “Cocaine” (yes, it is NOT a Clapton song, as many believe), “After Midnight,” and “I Got the Same Old Blues.” And these three classics are in this collection, along with thirty three other terrific numbers, highlighting Cale’s skill to produce music that was memorable without being loud. You might wonder what the fuss about the man is about when you first hear it, but as the mellow tunes of “Cajun Moon” and “Sensitive Kind” find their way into your ears, accompanied by the cynical chords of “Money Talks,” you will find yourself under a spell. Understated vocals, understated guitars…Cale was a master of delivering maximum effect with minimum fuss. Buying the album would be a perfect tribute to one of music’s original masters.

Traveller’s Quotient
If you love country, blues or soft rock – and we know many who like driving, do – then this is one album that you must carry along. It is soft enough to enchant without being loud enough to distract.

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