Mobile Photography: Six Apps That Add Fizz To Your Photos


One of the joys of taking pictures using your phone is that there are stacks of apps that can transform the images you take. And these six do it best of all, whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device:

Add old world camera effects and frames to images using this app. There are apps that come with more and in some cases, higher quality effects, but when it comes to ease of use and a vibrant community, Instagram stands alone.



If you are looking to add a staggering number of visual effects and frames to your snaps and are willing to be patient, this app from AutoDesk is your best option. Dozens of high quality filters, effects and frames here.

cartoon camera

Cartoon Camera
An app that morphs your image into something that came off a canvas. Yes, changing pictures into portraits was never this much fun, lots of effects too.


Take a snap, and this app will add the location to it in large letters along with a snappy slogan. That’s all. But so easy to use and very addictive.

PIP Camera

PIP Camera
A picture of yourself inside a logo, or inside a glass of beer, or on a postage stamp? This app does that with élan and ease – the PIP stands for “picture in picture,” after all.


Shoot a small video, then ‘freeze’ all elements and just retain movement  in one. You can have mountains and a moving river, a glass of coffee with steam coming off it…use your imagination.

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