Food: Signature Dish – Suckling Pig in Spain

Suckling Pig in Madrid, Spain
Suckling Pig in Madrid, Spain


Madrid is perhaps the most underrated Spanish city, gamely playing second lead to beautiful Barcelona. But put it on your itinerary, and it wastes no time in flaunting what it’s got. Enchanting architecture, a nightlife that blends seamlessly into morning and then goes on all day. And The Old Quarter, where taverns and pubs huddle together, mothballed in history.

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It is while wandering enchantedly through the Old Quarter that you will stumble upon the pig. As in suckling pig. It presents itself as a glazed face staring at you from an open oven in an open kitchen in an old eatery. (Some of the taverns here are among the earliest in the world).

But back to the pig. The face, you quickly notice, is attached to the body. It glistens with a caramelly glaze. Suckling pig, slaughtered when still feeding on its mother’s milk, is Spain’s national delicacy.

The baby animal is coated with lard and roasted whole—crisp on the outside, tender inside. Some call it ‘flabbergastingly delicious,’ others simply don’t have the stomach for it.  If ‘roast suckling pig served with Sevilla oranges and caramelised shallots’ gets your juices working, Spain’s the place to try it!

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The Old Quarter in Madrid, Spain
The Old Quarter in Madrid, Spain



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