Travel IDEA!! Head to Bera in Rajasthan – This Leopard Country is Wild and Free!

A shepherd in Bera, RajasthanWondering where to travel to next? How about Bera in Rajasthan in north-west India?

It truly is an intriguing place – a village on the edge of a forest where leopards roam free. And it is not even a reserve with entry restrictions. You could well be out for a night safari under the moonlit night. Do we have you interested? Download the e-book on Bera – and read all about it for yourself. Or buy the Kunzum Travel List and discover Bera and many other destinations in the Indian subcontinent.

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  1. Dear Ajay

    Great photos….I was fortunate enough to travel to this part of the country after the RIFF Jodhpur festival. I stayed at Bagheera’s Camp and we spotted the mother leopard with her two cubs. They were unfortuately to far for me to capture clearly with my 105 mm lens.

  2. hi ajay,

    nice pics…and i have never heard about this place…bt its will b amazing experience to visit this place bera in rajasthan…


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