Music for the Road: To Be Loved by Michael Bublé


To Be Loved
Michael Bublé
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He may not make headlines as often as the boy bands or the heavy metal giants, but Michael Bublé just keeps selling albums and topping charts with something akin to effortless ease. And he is close to his best again in To Be Loved. There are fourteen numbers here – ten older ones that he has re-rendered (‘covers’) and four originals. Honestly, while one of the originals (“It’s a Beautiful Day”) is topping charts, we must confess that for us, the highlight of the album are Bublé’s rendering of classics like You “Make Me Feel So Young,”  “Have I Told You Lately” and “Who’s Loving You.” While he does not deviate too far from the original tunes, he does add a touch of elegance to them – “Who’s Loving You” for instance, loses its manic high pitches and becomes much smoother in his hands and vocal chords. There are also some interesting collaborations – with Bryan Adams in “After All” and Reese Witherspoon in “Something Stupid.” All in all, well worth a listen, especially if you are a classics fan.

Traveller’s Quotient
Some might find Bublé too slow and old-fashioned to listen while driving. However, if you want to put back your head and listen to some very good music while sitting or lying down, and have a soft corner for the classics, this is a very good album.

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