The EU Travel Challenge – Part 7: The Old Town in Krakow in Poland – Personifying the Idea of Fun and Relaxation

A tourist couple checks out their photograph in Krakow’s Old Town District

By Harshvardhan

Is it possible to be objective about the definition of fun? Before I visited Poland, I might have argued against the motion, because what might be fun to me, might be disastrously boring to you.

Poland, however, reminded me that we all have an inclination to relax and have a good time. The Old Town District in Krakow is, undoubtedly, a work of art. Crafted and maintained no less than a Michelangelo fresco, the centre of Poland’s attention is a must-visit for anyone waiting to let their hair down.

You know time is of no importance when a clock-tower bang in the centre of the main square barely registers in your senses. A seemingly obscure fountain in its foreground, though, calls out for you to stretch your legs and watch as the little ones take a dip or two.

The clock tower in question

I met wonderful strangers who felt like age-old friends and watched endless loops of the same performances, without tiring, only yearning for more! The Old Town District is the hub of all activity, a shimmering square with the A-Z of Things-to-Do.

Strangers like these two beautiful ladies, whose names I never got, but did end up their official photographer for a while!
Not that I was complaining…..

Settle down, read a book, or walk around, catch a performance. If that becomes too tiring, hop on to a chariot and circumvent the square on eight legs and four wheels.

Death bows down to no one…..terms and conditions apply!
You can even feed the pigeons for as long as you wish
The space-to-things-to-do ratio is excellent this time of year!

Catch a performer strut his stuff and then be sure to tip him generously–these are people who live by their art and it’s the only way for them to earn a living. What’s more, they’re incredibly talented and deserve not only your money, but also your rapt attention.

If all of Europe were personified into a living entity, Poland would be its good mood.

A mannequin poses as a human…..or is it the other way around?!

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