The EU Travel Challenge – Part 5: Reaching Krakow in Poland – One of the best cities to visit in Europe

Grinning, the Reaper posed

By Harshvardhan

In Krakow, Poland, I stared Death in the eye and He smiled. Then he asked me to take a photo.

The day I arrived in Poland’s second-largest city, I was greeted by an imminent thunderstorm which had me scurrying for cover. I barely made it to a waiting cab before the clouds finally burst. Soaking wet already, my first words in Krakow were *sneeze* and then “Sorry”. Not, perhaps, the glorious start I was looking for.

Being a tremendous fan of The Doors, the reference did not escape me!

I hardly paid attention to where I was going, because after a 14-hour bus journey from Vilnius, I was ready to call it a day already.

But once I entered my room, and indulged my tired mind with a steaming cup of coffee, I was rearing to go yet again.

Boy, am I glad it did! If you thought Vilnius packs in a punch, Krakow is just legendary.

The entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau

I covered much of this beautiful city, but the focus of my adventures here were in the Old Town District, and the infamous Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

Come, let’s take a trip down my memory lane.

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