iPad Air: Weight Matters? A Review | Coffee @Kunzum with Ajay Jain & Nimish Dubey

The iPad Air is the latest kid in Apple’s block where it marries the iPad tablet series features and branding with those of MacBook Air computers. And what do we have? An incredibly light (for its size) tablet with processing power that would make one consider shunning their laptops finally. Possibly. Is the iPad Air your dream tablet and / or computer yet? Should you buy one? What are you looking for in a tablet? Weight? Dimensions? Memory? Price? Operating System? Apps? Software?

Tune into Coffee @Kunzum with Ajay Jain and Nimish Dubey where they go airborne with, what else, the iPad Air. At the Kunzum Travel Cafe in New Delhi, India.

This video has been entirely shot using Qualcomm Snapdragon powered Nokia Lumia 920 mobile.




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