Hello Ladies! Travelling Solo? Be Safe. And Have a Good Time!



Lately, we’re hearing horror stories of increasing attacks on female travellers all over the world. So should that stop solo female travellers from travelling to these ‘unsafe’ countries altogether?

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I don’t believe so. Go out there and live life but make sure you carry your commonsense along and trust your ‘female instinct.’ A few tips to stay safe and make your odysseys memorable:

  • For starters, don’t go down dark streets and don’t hitch hike.
  • Always use authorised taxis or public transport.
  • Try having your main meal at lunch time to avoid going out at night.
  • You meet this oh-so-charming guy, but don’t get carried away! Beware of date rape drugs and never accept drinks from strangers.
  • Don’t encourage unwanted male attention in the first place. Being friendly and making eye-contact can be mis-read in some cultures.
  • Always wear appropriate, neutral clothing that is a cultural fit with your destination.
  • Keep valuables in a fanny purse close to your body to beat pickpockets.
  • ALWAYS carry your pepper spray .

And no, I won’t suggest you wear a fake wedding ring, because it’s not a big bad world out there. When you travel solo, you’re more approachable and more likely to approach and meet fabulous people that make up this wonderful world!

Isn’t that the idea of travel solo in the first place?



Neena is an ardent historian and archaeologist who, after a successful career in financial services including banking and private equity, is now following her dream with the recent launch of her travel venture Diva Odysseys which offers experiential, luxury travel for women.



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