Exploring Punjab with Karun Chandhok: Ford India – National Geographic Episode Round-Up

Karun Chandhok is a Punjabi, but considers Tamil Nadu as home – his family tree has been rooted there firmly for generations. When given a chance, it was not surprising when he embarked on a quest to explore Punjab, the land of his forefathers – when shooting for the My Endeavour alterrain series produced by Ford India and National Geographic.

I got the opportunity to travel with him on this journey, and it was quite an experience to be on the move with a racing driver – not that Karun treated the highways as his racing track. He was driving Ford India’s SUV, the Endeavour alterrain edition – quite a popular car in this state. And it was just the right car to take not only on the highway, but also through agricultural fields, village roads and training tracks of the armed forces.

Did you watch the episode aired on National Geographic on June 16, 2013? Whether you did or not, join the journey from another vantage point – through images.

[If you missed the curtain-raiser, have a look here – http://kunzum.com/2013/06/04/ford-india-national-geographic-my-endeavour-exploring-punjab-with-karun-chandhok/]

You can also view more images at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151370573880770.1073741839.108449295769.



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