Kunzum TV – Bangkok, Thailand: Damnernsaduak Floating Market | SHOPPING

You cannot go to Bangkok and miss out on its floating markets. Unfortunately, most of them open on certain days of the week and may not fit into your itinerary. But not the Damnernsaduak Floating Market, located about 130 kms (80 miles) outside the Thai capital — it is open all days of the week. See the complete set of photos on Facebook.

The charm of the visit starts with a ride in the long tailed boats that take you through the many canals lined with houses and fields. Yes, people live along these canals with their homes standing in water. You can drive directly upto the market itself, but you would only have yourself to blame for missing out on the boat ride.

At the market itself, men and mostly women of all ages will sell you souvenirs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and lots of freshly prepared food. You don’t have to shop till you drop — the quality and prices of gifts may be loved by some but not so by others. But do browse around, haggle, pick up some stuff for fun and eat lots of food. And don’t let the entertainers with pythons scare you — the snakes will not make a meal of you. Their work conditions bar them from doing so.

When you are walking out, a vendor will surprise you with your photo in the long tailed boat — pasted in the centre of a porcelain souvenir plate with a stand. You don’t have to buy it — but you should. And try as hard, they will not bring the price down by even one Baht.



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