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Ms. Business Diva on Travel – How to maintain your sanity, clinch the deal AND look good doing it!

Zipping around the world on business sounds glamorous, but can be quite taxing. Dealing with red-eye flights, airline food, jetlag and negotiations when you may not necessarily be at your optimal self is not easy – especially so with males who expect that a CEO should be a man! Preparing yourself for the business trip is thus very important. A few tips:

* Understand the business protocol and customs of the country you’re headed to.

* Learn to greet your business host in his or her language and never be late to a meeting.

* Print your business cards in English on one side and in the language of the host country on the other.

* Dress appropriately; dress down, not up. Wear light make-up; you want business contacts to concentrate on your message – not on how attractive you are.

* Be gracious and not offended if you’re seated separately with women at meals, it’s just the culture in some countries.

* Get enough sleep, hydrate, avoid alcohol; if you want to clinch the deal, you’d better be sharp not fuzzy-headed.

* Try to find hotels that are women friendly or have women-only floors.

* Even the lightest laptop bag gets heavy when you’re zipping through airports. So buy one on wheels that can hold your laptop with one set of clothes, makeup and important meeting files.

* Finally, I always take a bathing suit and shorts along. One never knows when you get a few hours to relax and explore.

[This article was published in the September 1, 2013 edition of the Kunzum Magazine. Click here to download the same for free. And subscribe to the magazine so you don’t miss any issue. Links to previous issues also available here.]



Neena is an ardent historian and archaeologist who, after a successful career in financial services including banking and private equity, is now following her dream with the recent launch of her travel venture Diva Odysseys which offers experiential, luxury travel for women.



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