BookWag: Tara Books Discusses Silk-Screened, Handmade, Fair Trade Book Production

THEME: Silk-Screened, Handmade, Fair Trade Book Production
DATE: 4 February, 2012
TIME: 12:00 – 1:00pm
ADDRESS: Kunzum Travel Cafe, T-49, GF, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India
Tara Books is a worker-owned co-operative publishing house based in Chennai. Started as a children’s publisher back in 1994, their list has now expanded to include adult visual titles, popular culture and fiction.
They’ve become well-known for their pioneering silk-screen printing process, which has allowed the mass production of hundreds of thousands of handmade books in their fair trade Book Craft workshop. A second strand to their work is the showcasing of the varieties of folk and tribal art within India, bringing these rich traditions into the form of books.
Join us as we share a video on the handmade printing process, to hear about Tara Books’ work with tribal and folk artists, and to take a peek at the newest handmade title, Waterlife.
Maegan Dobson of Tara Books will be present to talk about the books, and to answer any questions.
About Waterlife by Rambharos Jha
Waterlife features Mithila art, a vibrant and delicate form of folk painting from Bihar in eastern India. Art is inseparable from the lives of the people of Mithila and traditionally the walls and courtyards of the houses were painted during festival times. In the late 1970s this art traveled from the walls to paper.
In this visually stunning book, artist Rambharos Jha creates an unusual artist’s journal, adapting the motifs of the Mithila style to express his own vision. He frames his art with a playful text that evokes both childhood memory and folk legend.
Waterlife is silk-screen printed by hand on handmade paper.
Rambharos Jha is an artist and writer based in the culture-rich Mithila region of Bihar, eastern India. He grew up watching women decorate the walls and courtyards of their homes, and through watching and learning began to draw himself. His work has been exhibited widely in India, as well as in the US, South Africa and Iceland.
In the last few years he has been working extensively on water bodies, a subject he describes as “one of my most cherished muses”. This is his first book as a solo artist.


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