Music Film Club: The Other Song by Saba Dewan, Kunzum Travel Café, New Delhi, Wednesday May 30

Kunzum Travel Cafe launches a weekly music film club – screenings every Wednesday evening

The union of sound and vision almost always produces a magical experience – helping you watch with your ears and listen with your eyes. To pay homage to when two forms of art join forces to alter our mindscapes, Kunzum Travel Café brings to you our weekly film club, focusing on when musicians take on the big screen. Screenings will take place every Wednesday.

And we are excited with the first screening for the club with Saba Dewan’s critically acclaimed, award-winning film ‘The Other Song.’ In ‘The Other Song,’ Dewan traces the rich history of India’s courtesan culture through a lost song sung in 1935 by Varanasi’s Rasoolan Bai.

Schedule: Wednesday, May 30, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. The film is 120 minutes long.
Venue: Kunzum Travel Café, T-49 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016
Entry: No entry fee, open to all. Tea, Coffee and Cookies will be served before the screening – Pay what you like for the same.
Call: +91.9650702777, +91.11.26513949

About the Film
The Other Song, 2009 : In 1935 Rasoolan Bai the well known singer from Varanasi recorded for the gramophone a thumri that she would never sing again – My breasts are wounded, don’t throw flowers at me. A variation of her more famous song – My heart is wounded, don’t throw flowers at me, the 1935 recording, never to be repeated, faded from public memory and eventually got lost.

More than seventy years later the film travels through Varanasi, Lucknow and Muzzafarpur in Bihar to search for the forgotten song. This journey brings the film face to face with the enigmatic figure of the tawaif, courtesan, bai ji and the contested terrain of her art practise and lifestyle. To find the lost other song the film must understand the past and present of the tawaif and  unravel the significant transitions that took place in late 19th and early 20th century around the control, censorship and moral policing of female sexualities and cultural expression.

About the Filmmaker
Saba Dewan is a documentary film maker based in New Delhi, India. Her work has focused on communalism, gender, sexuality and culture. Her notable films include ‘Dharmayuddha’ (Holy War, 1989), ‘Nasoor’ (Festering Wound, 1991), ‘Khel’ (The Play, 1994), ‘Barf’ (Snow, 1997) and ‘Sita’s Family’ (2001) and have been screened extensively in India and at international film festivals.



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