Music Film Club Presents ‘A Decent Samosa, Ya!’ on Dec 23, Kunzum Travel Cafe, New Delhi

The 15th screening in an ongoing Music Film Club at Kunzum Travel Cafe in association with m.a.f.i.a. (Musicians Artists Filmmakers Interesting log…. Aajaao).

Film: A Decent Samosa, Ya!
Director: Radhika Bordia, Natasha Badhwar
Editor: Aparna Roy
Sound: Monica Narula
Duration: 52 mins
Language: English and Punjabi with English Subtitles

DATE: Sunday, Dec 23
TIME: 6:30 p.m. onwards
VENUE: Kunzum Travel Cafe, T-49, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016
ENTRY: No restrictions, PAY WHAT YOU LIKE
R.S.V.P.: +91.9650702777

About the Film
Decent Samosa, Ya! is one of a 3 part series that documents how music is the bridge we create to connect our internal sense of self with the identity thrust upon us as immigrants to a different world.

Shot in England, this film records the heady fusion of sounds born out of the clash of cultures, the conflicts between generations, and a desire to grow roots even when uprooted. These are intimate testaments of different generations of British-Asian artists, all of whom source their material both from the India they carry within themselves and the world they live in.

Taran Kaur’s widowed mother came to England with her pre-teen children to escape the aftermath of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in India. Growing up in the streets of Birmingham has transformed young Taran into Hard Kaur, ‘England’s first female Asian rapper’. Behind the tough, extra cool facade of Hard Kaur, we discover a first generation immigrant, Taran, who longs for the familiar, secure world of her childhood, a world which no longer exists.

A sharp contrast to Hard Kaur’s restless spirit, is Mrs Mohinder Bhumra’s placid calmness, who has found her creative refuge in soulful bhajans and folk music.

A Decent Samosa, Ya! features live performances in clubs, in radio stations and rehearsals in studios, attempting to catch a glimpse of England’s pulsating experiments with multiculturalism and belonging. Johnny Kalsi’s Dhol Foundation, DJ Ritu’s Bollywood inspired remixes, Kuljit Bhumra’s studio in Southall, Avtar Lit’s Sunrise Radio, Hard Kaur’s experiments with rap, Raj and Pablo’s pop music, Asian Dub Foundation’s music activism…these are some of the elements that weave the fabric of this film.


– KARA Film Festival, Karachi
– Tongues on Fire Film Festival, London
– IAWRT Film Festival, New Delhi
– Various screenings on NDTV 24X7.

USEFUL LINKS: A shorter version of the film is available as Punjabi Kudi:



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