Live Music: Indian Classical and Folk Fusion Music by ‘Manzil Mystics’ on Jan 6, 2013 at Kunzum Travel Cafe, New Delhi

Coffee on a winter evening and can’t be better if it is accompanied by fabulous Music!

Join us for a wondrous musical evening on Jan 6, 2013 with ‘Manzil Mystics’ a group of 13 youngsters from Delhi at Kunzum Travel Café in association with m.a.f.i.a (Musicians Artists Filmmakers Interesting log…. Aajaao).

Manzil Mystics is associated with Manzil. Manzil is a non-profit organization located in Khan Market/Sujan Singh Park. Manzil empowers children and youth by providing resources and a platform to learn, teach and be creative.

Date: Sunday, Jan 6, 2013.Time: 5:30 p.m. onwards
Venue: Kunzum Travel Cafe, T-49, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016
Entry: Open to all.Charges: No fixed charges. YOU PAY WHAT YOU LIKE IN THE BOX PROVIDED.

About the Manzil Mystics:
Manzil Mystics is a music group composed by 12 talented classical and folk singers, 1 guitarist, and one percussionist. It was founded by three former Manzil students. Through their shared passion for traditional Indian and folk music, and a desire to celebrate their culture through song, the Manzil Mystics was born. The purpose of Manzil Mystics is to spread awareness of classical music to India’s youth and give new young musician a professional stage to show their talent in classical and folk music.

About the Performers:

Anurag- Founder of Manzil Mystics who manages the group and also handles the marketing of the group. Anurag is a talented rapper who make short rap songs and also represent himself as a folk singer in Manzil Mystics.

Priti- Very talented classical and folk singer and also vocal teacher in Manzil.

Neeti- Fabulous classical and folk artist. She is learning classical music from Gandhi Smriti and also overseas the vocal in Manzil Mystics.

Jatin- Very talented classical singer and rhythmist.

Mamta- Very talented classical singer and does some very beautiful Gurbania.

Rekha- Very talented music composer and classical singer. Rekha overseas the financial department of the group.

Rahul Ram- The backbone of Manzil Mystics. Rahul Ram is very talented percussionist who plays all kinds of percussion(Drum, dholak, dhol, jamby, dafli, etc) and also overseas all the technical department of the group.

Deepak- A folk singer with a fabulous voice and singing talent. Deepak loves to write songs and helps the group in composing songs(special based on peace and unity).

Shivam- A very talent folk musician. He has very unique Rajasthani folk and Banarsi folk voice.

Vikram- Very talented classical and folk voice. Learned music from Manzil and pursuing Engineering from Pusa Polytechnic.

Hemant- One of the unique member of Manzil Mystics with a great talent in Classical music and rhythm(he plays all kinds of percussion)

Indar- Very talented classical and folk artist with great talent in composing folk music.

Reshma- Co-founder of Manzil Mystics and very talented classical singer. Professionally she is a nurse and pursuing Health and Care from America.

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