Kunzum has been one big happy community of travel lovers for a while now – it is time we strengthened the ties further. With Club Kunzum.


What is the club all about? It is a paid program where members go on trips together, exchange travel stories, shoot pictures and more! And get great deals along the way. Members get to participate in exclusive events and activities including heritage walks, photo workshops, cycling tours, food walks, film screenings, photo walks, travel talks, weekend drives and more. We have already ties up with over 100 quality hotels and travel companies – many more are expected to be added to the list.

Why did we set up this club? Individually, we often fall short of holiday ideas and company to go with. The club would provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together, make plans and head out on trips. And since there are only so many days in a year that our schedules allow us to travel, the club will keep members engaged in travel related activities (including city excursions, and weekend getaways) so the itch to travel is satisfied somewhat. Regular activities also mean you get to socialize with other travel enthusiasts, in a way even Facebook cannot do for you. The club could also be a great stress-buster, motivate one to give their best at work, and be at their happiest self at home.

At Kunzum, we love to come up with new ideas and get super excited about these. It started with Kunzum.com as a travel blog on India in 2007. We went on to publish travel books ourselves, and in the process created a new template for this genre. And then came the Kunzum Travel Café – a successful example of a unique concept that became popular only because of you, the travel community. And we have the Club Kunzum now – it is early days yet but we can already feel a tingling in our bones.

Join us. We promise you travels will never be the same again.


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