Club Kunzum: Self Drive Expeditions to Ladakh in 2011

Self Drive Expeditions to LadakhFew travel experiences on this planet can beat a self drive expedition to Ladakh. If you have not done this already, now is your chance. With Expedition on Wheels, a partner we trust at Club Kunzum. These are the same guys who once drove to Ladakh in a Nano.

The first group flags off on June 18, 2011 with a fresh one leaving every few weeks till September. Click on the following for more:
* Overview and costs
* Detailed Itinerary

For more information, contact Sanjay Madan at:
Tel: +91.9717080066, +91.9868094254

And do ask for a Club Kunzum SPECIAL RATE ☺

Note: Club Kunzum only recommends travel service providers based on our experience and/or judgment. Clients may further check for recommendations and verify any information before making any bookings. Kunzum will not be liable for any damages or deficiency in services provided by our partners.



  1. A self-drive expedition is definitely once-in-a-lifetime thing to do. My bro is planning to go this month. Have forwarded this link to him. I might join him as well but only if my 5 year old is able to stay back without me with her nani! I guess a self drive expedition with a 5 year old is not so pragmatic, is it?

  2. It’s certainly a must go if one can..however i understand the held backs with young children….On taking the 5 year old together may not be a problem if they are exposed to travelling long distances. Kids are healthy and expressive enough ..actually better than us. But you certainly would know better… !! Keep in touch

  3. It is all a matter of personal choices Rashmie. I have seen parents with their toddlers all strapped up and wanderlusting with them :) But at the risk of sounding a little harsh, such drives are best done with minimal distractions to fully enjoy the same.

  4. hie… i am planin to go to leh in the last week of july. i wanted to know how is the weather there during this part of the year? and will i get to see any snow during the entire drive from manali to leh?


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