Explore Gujarat on a Chakkra: The Great Arabian Sea Drive

Gujarat Chakkra

If you are a traveler with a sense of adventure, hire a Chakkra to explore Gujarat. You just need to be a very patient traveler.

These are like auto rickshaws, powered by one of those World War styled motorcycles. These sell as Enfields, Bullets and some other brands in India.

In some ways they are like the Tuk-Tuks of Thailand; they also move in a kind of front-back oscillating movement going chak-chak-chak-chak or tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk.

They rattle, they shake, they can be smoking from any or all sides, they are noisy but the centre of gravity of the passenger carriage is very stable.

How many do they seat? I have counted 20. But there always seems to be room for more. It never topples.

You will find Chakkras everywhere: on country roads, on the state’s new super highways, in villages and in cities. Coming at you from all sides including the wrong one.

How about hiring one? For your travels around the state? Gujaratis are always open to negotiation as long as they make a net profit. Money matters is a part of their DNA.

It can quite an adventure going around one. Take the driver’s seat sometimes. And you could always pick up passengers to pay for your ride, or to hear their stories.

Better idea: Buy one. Do it up to your taste. And flaunt it around. You will be the envy of other travellers on the move. Even when they are in slicker SUVs.

Gujarat Chakkra

Gujarat Chakkra

Gujarat Chakkra

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