A bit about Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar, Gujarat: The Great Arabian Sea Drive

gujarat velavadar

If you are planning to go to Velavadar, here is some useful information for you.

* Distance from Ahmedabad: 200 kms (125 miles).

* Distances from other places: Bhavanagar (52 kms), Palitana (110 kms), Lothal (125 kms), Alang (107 kms). Do check these for sure, I have taken these from official brochure.

* Safaris: You have to take your own vehicle, the park does not have any. Or ask your hotel to arrange one. Guides are usually available for a nominal fee, but some of them go off for farm work during low season. The official at the entrance will help you call them on their mobiles.

* When can you visit: The park is open from sunrise to sunset. It closes from June 16 – October 15 for the rainy season.

* Where to stay:
(a) The best option is The Blackbuck Lodge, a wonderful property a mile from the park gate. Contact them at www.blackbucklodge.com / reservations@theblackbucklodge.com / +91.9228000496 / +91.9825161212 / +91.79.40020901 / +91.9824019877.

(b) Alternately, you can stay the Forest Department Guest House within the park. They have 4 rooms. Contact for booking: Assistant Conservator of Forests, Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar-Bhal, F-10, Annexe, M.S. Building, Bhavnagar; +91.278.2426425. The Range Forest Officer at the park can be contacted at +91.278.2920222. Room charges are Rs. 1,500 (US$ 75 for foreigners) for air-conditioned rooms; Rs. 500 (US$ 50) for non-AC; Dormitory per person: Rs. 50 (US$ 10); Tent (per tent): Rs. 200 (US$ 20)

The only other stay options are at towns close by.

* Entry Fee (brackets give fee for non-Indians in US$, but paid in Rupee equivalent):
Adult: Rs. 20 (US$ 5)
Children (3-12 years): Rs. 10 (US$ 5)
Students on Educational Tour: Rs. 10 (US$ 5)
Vehicle Fee (for upto 6 persons): Rs. 200 (US$ 20)
Vehicle Fee (for upto 15 persons): Rs. 500 (US$ 50)
Vehicle Fee (for capacity upto 60): Rs. 1750 (US$ 175)
Guide Fee: Rs. 50 (US$ 10) for first 4 hours; Rs. 20 (US$ 5) for every subsequent hour. But you can pay more if it pleases you.
The fee is for a full day and you can go in and out as you like.

gujarat velavadar

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