A bath for vagabonds, campers and backpackers in Murudeshwar, Karnataka: The Great Arabian Sea Drive Day 20

karnataka, murudeshwar

If you are backpacking around, you can often find a place to sleep – under a tree, in an abandoned boat on a beach, by the roadside, in a cave, on someone’s verandah, in a rice field (heard of water beds), under the open sky, on a hill, the berth of an overnight train – the options are unlimited (even if some of these sound far-fetched). What do you do for a bath though? There are only so many days (for some, weeks or months) that you can keep water and soap away from you before you start smelling like a walking, rotten corpse. Don’t know about other place, but Murudeshwar sure is kind to such people – with entrepreneurs having et up baths on a pay-as-you-use basis. So the next time you have water shortage in your city, you know where to go.

karnataka, murudeshwar

karnataka, murudeshwar

karnataka, murudeshwar

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  1. Your write-up does not give the clear picture about the PICTUREs that you have posted.

    One can actually sleep in all the places that you have mentioned. And taking a bath is not at all a task, as you get plenty of open-well sweet water every where. It is fresh, sweet, tasty and non-polluted.

    With regard to the write-ups/boards of Bath room: Murdeshwar is on Sea Shore. Lot of people visit this temple town. There are lot of water sports available here. People indulge in these activities, and also take bath in the salt sea water. So, for them, this board applies. After the salty-water-bath, one can relax/refresh himself from the hot-sweet water.


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