Kunzum Route K12: Driving in Ladakh – Updated Guide

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Are you planning to visit Ladakh and drive to its various attractions? Here is a guide based on my personal journeys in Ladakh. Enjoy the drive on Kunzum Route K12. The route takes covers the following circuit (not necessarily in this order): Delhi – Kullu – Manali – Jispa – Sarchu – Leh – Pangong Tso – Tso Moriri – Tso Kar – Nubra – Alchi – Lamayuru – Kargil – Zanskar – Srinagar – Jammu – Delhi.

Click here for more routes. You may read the detailed distance / time chart below or click here to download a printable PDF.

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Leg 1: Delhi to Manali

* Delhi (Rajghat) – Delhi / Haryana Border: 33 kms / 0:26 hrs

Distance marked from here in kms: Ambala 170, Karnal 92

* Delhi / Haryana Border – Barista Coffee (located on left side of highway itself): 23 kms  / 0:17 hrs

If you prefer, there is a Café Coffee Day just 2 kms down and a very nice multi cuisine restaurant Haveli soon after; I think the latter is open 24 hours.

* Barista Coffee – Samalkha: 23 kms / 0:12 hrs

* Samalkha – Panipat: 17 kms / 0:10 hrs

Stick to the central lanes as you approach Panipat so you can take the flyover over the city – if you go through the city below the flyover, it could take you 30 minutes or longer.

* Panipat – Barista Coffee (located on opposite side of highway): 31 kms / 0:26 hrs

I took a break here – Barista is open 24 hrs here.

* Barista Coffee – Savoy Greens Food Court (next to Karni Lake in Karnal, on the opposite side of the highway): 13 kms / 0:13 hrs

The Savoy Greens is one of the better places to eat on the highway. The food court offers a selection of McDonalds, Costa Coffee, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Kwality (North Indian dishes), a South Indian counter besides others.

* Savoy Greens – Karnal Toll Plaza (Rs. 81 for cars in 2010): 16 kms / 0:14 hrs

* Karnal Toll Plaza – Kurukshetra / Pipli: 13 kms / 0:11 hrs

Pipli is on the highway itself while Kurukshetra is a little inside from the highway.

* Kurukshetra – Ambala: 43 kms / 0:36 hrs

Just after the town there is a Saagar Ratna restaurant (serving south and north Indian cuisines, and usually do a good job – except the last time I was there) – a good option for a meal. It is located on the opposite side of the highway.

It is also a good idea to tank up at or before Ambala. Fuel is much more expensive in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

* Ambala – Right Turn for Kharar / Roopnagar just before Toll Plaza: 14 kms / 0:15 hrs

When you exit Ambala, don’t take the road to Chandigarh but the one to Jalandhar along NH1. Shortly after you will come to a toll plaza – don’t cross it. There is a right turn just before that, take that.

* Turn for Kharar – Kharar: 42 kms  / 0:41 hrs

You hit NH21 after this that goes all the way to Manali

* Kharar – Kurali Toll Plaza (Rs. 11 for car in 2010): 13 kms / 0:17 hrs

* Kurali Toll Plaza – Roopnagar (formerly Ropar): 16 kms / 0:18 hrs

* Roopnagar – Right Turn for Manali: 31 kms / 0:42 hrs

Be careful here – it is easy to miss this turn. I did and overshot by 8kms. There is a flyover under construction next to a railway crossing and a fuel station. You have to turn right here over the tracks. Traffic sometimes tends to get jammed here. Of course, in due course of time, this flyover will be complete – but no one knows when. It has been work in progress for years.

* Right Turn for Manali – Swarghat: 22 kms / 0:35 hrs

* Swarghat – Bilaspur: 42 kms / 1:25 hrs

The road become mountainous from here. It was generally a good road but has deteriorated lately especially after the unexceptionally heavy rains of 2010.

* Bilaspur – Sundernagar: 44 kms / 1:09 hrs

* Sundernagar – Mandi: 24 kms / 0:29 hrs

* Mandi – Aut Tunnel (2809 m long): 39 kms / 0:51 hrs

* Aut Tunnel – Kullu: 31 kms / 0:39 hrs

* Kullu – Naggar: 26 kms / 0:55 hrs

After you cross Kullu town, you will see a bridge going across the river. Slow down, take a U-turn to the left and go onto the bridge to cross over. This will take you on the right bank – I took this as my hotel is located on that side. The drive is along a narrower road that takes you through villages and Naggar – all along, you will see fruit orchards, a delightful sight at all time especially when they bear fruits or flowers. You may choose not to cross the river and continue straight – that gets you to the centre of Manali town quicker.

A good idea to tank up in Kullu or Manali – the next fuel station will be in Tandi. And supplies there can be erratic – and you will have to wait to get to Leh to find the next station.

* Naggar – Manali: 22 kms / 0:37 hrs

Total Distance / Time: 578 kms / 11:38 hours

General Notes for the Delhi – Manali Drive:

* There is no dearth of fuel stations and places to eat along the way.

* It is always advisable to leave early from Delhi, preferably by 6 a.m. since it is a long journey and it is not advisable to drive in the dark on highways.

Leg 2: Manali – Jispa

This marks the beginning of one of the most beautiful drives you will ever undertake – and also one of the most challenging. There is virtually no road over long stretches and weather conditions can change fast – many groups were stuck for days when heavy unseasonal rains and flash floods occurred in the summer of 2010. But worry not – be careful and no one gets hurt.

* Manali – Marhi: 36 kms / 1:30 hrs

This is the better part of the road – and you will generally have a smooth run. Of course, there will be rough patches – and all it takes is one stuck vehicle to throw all traffic out of gear. At Marhi, you can take a break for tea / snacks / meal at one of the many roadside Dhabas (restaurants). Most restrooms belong to the Dhabas and they only allow paying customers to use it. Buy a tea or cola if need be to use it – there are not too many opportunities to go behind rocks for a long time after this.

* Marhi – Rohtang Pass: 16 kms / 1:30 hrs

This is a bad stretch, getting worse with every monsoon rains and winter snow. You will make only slow progress when you go off season with limited traffic, and it will be a snarl during holiday season. Marked Altitide for Rohtang Pass: 3,980 m (13,057 ft)

* Rohtang Pass – Gramphoo (Turn Right for Kaza /Spiti, and straight for Ladakh): 16 kms / 1:19 hrs

Distance marked from here in kms: Kaza 137, Tabo 177, Keylong 51

* Gramphoo – Koksar: 6 kms / 0:10 hrs

You need to enter your personal information at the Police Post here. Non-Indians may need to show passports / travel permits if required.

* Koksar – Sissu: 14 kms / 0:15 hrs

* Sissu – Tandi (Last fuel station here till Leh): 24 kms / 0:50 hrs

A good idea to tank up here even if you think you have enough fuel. You never know when you may have to take unplanned diversions. But don’t depend on this place to get fuel – it may be closed or out of stock sometimes. Best to be sure you have enough from Manali onwards.

* Tandi – Keylong: 9 kms / 0:20 hrs

You can enter the town here to grab a bite – but it will be basic at best. Keylong is also known for some monasteries and other religious establishments should you be interested. I did not explore these.

* Keylong – Jispa: 23 kms / 0:50 hrs

Stop here for a night halt. If you have made good progress, you can continue to Sarchu – not recommended as you like to go slow and steady after Jispa to admire the many attractions on the way.

Total Distance / Time: 144 kms / 6:45 hrs

Leg 3: Jispa – Leh

Be prepared for a rough ride from here. The quality of roads (where they exist) changes every year depending on damaging the winters were and the extent of repairs that follow. You will get long stretches of broken roads, or just dust tracks.

* Jispa – Deepak Tal (Lake): 23 kms / 0:50 hrs

This is a small but beautiful lake. Have a snack, meal or tea at Hozer’s shack if you like.

* Deepak Tal – Suraj Tal: 30 kms / 1:00 hrs

A bigger lake, makes for great pictures if it is partially or fully frozen. This is usually so during early summers when snow has not fully melted.

* Suraj Tal – Baralach La (Pass): 3 kms / 0:05 hrs

This is one of the higher passes in Ladakh, and prone to unseasonal snowfalls and late melting of winter ice. Ice walls can reduce the road to a single lane, or block it altogether. Provision for delays here – but stop for pictures too.

* Baralach La – Blue Poppy Camp near Sarchu: 19 kms / 0:50 hrs

Should you be spending the night at Sarchu?

The Blue Poppy Camp is one of the many that come up around during summers for travelers to stay. Many travel service providers recommend a night halt here to acclimatize to the higher altitudes of Ladakh. At about 14,200 feet altitude, Sarchu is more acclimatization than you may need. It is very cold here, with strong windy conditions giving even camp managers who reside there constant headaches. Accommodation is all tented, and toilets are not attached, and it is not a cheerful thought walking out in the middle of the night with howling winds around. But Sarchu is also the only place between Jispa and Leh where you can organized accommodation; your only other option is to pitch tent on the way or crash at any of the shacks on the way who provide a bed for Rs. 50-100.

You can make a run for Leh from Jispa. It should take you about 11 hours but here is a warning: You may not want to be driving in the dark should you get delayed due to traffic snarls, road blocks, breakdowns or any other reason. And the drive from Jispa to Leh is worth stopping many times over to admire the natural features as well as to take pictures. Why would you want to keep moving when the whole idea of a road trip to Leh was to enjoy the drive?

I personally fell ill at Sarchu, and had a tough night with its symptoms. The next day too was a difficult time driving, and it was only when I received medical attention and a dose of oxygen from an Army doctor at Pang on the way to Leh did I feel normal.

What would I do in the future and suggest you do too? Stay at Jispa, and make a very early start (say at 5:00 – 6:00 am) and make a run for Leh. Make sure you get a full night’s sleep to be well rested for the long drive ahead. It may be safe to assume that the chances of falling ill, even when going through high altitude areas, are low as long as you keep moving. Starting early will give you a cushion for delays and you can still make it to Leh while there is daylight. Even if night falls, but if you are within 60-70 km of Leh, it is all right as the terrain is mostly flat and more densely populated (in case you need assistance).

* Blue Poppy Camp – Sarchu: 15 kms / 0:25 hrs

This is the point where the state of Himachal Pradesh ends and you enter Ladakh, a part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. You need to enter your personal particulars at a check post here, and non-Indians may be required to show their passports and other travel permits.

* Sarchu – Gata Loops Start: 26 kms / 0:40 hrs

The road literally loops up here for about 10 kms, hence the name. They make for great pictures with the right equipment when you look down at these from the top.

* Gata Loops Start – End: 10 kms / 0:20 hrs

* Gata Loops End – NakeeLa (Pass): 11 kms / 0:25 hrs

* NakeeLa – Lachung La (Pass): 12 kms / 0:30 hrs

* Lachung La – Pang: 23 kms / 1:05 hrs

This is where you may want a meal break, with a wide choice of dhabas (roadside shacks) to choose from. You will not get anything till you are close to Leh after this. And if you are short of breath or are developing symptoms of altitude sickness, the Army base here offers medical care to travelers.

* Pang – More Plains (These start at approximately this point and stretch for about 45 kms): 7 kms / 0:20 hrs

This is a high altitude plateau where you drive on a flat road for about 50 kms. You can expect to see the nomadic Changpas and their herds of livestock in this region.

* More Plains Start – Taglang La (Pass): 70 kms / 1:55 hrs

This is the highest point on the road to Leh. Enjoy the views but don’t hang around too long lest the high altitude and cold winds affect you. A few miles from Taglangla, and you will hit the best road since you left Manali. Get ready to step on the accelerator – but don’t throw caution to the winds.

* Taglang La – Gya: 37 kms / 1:15 hrs

You will finally hit civilization – and start greenery along the Indus river and its tributaies. Leh is within striking distance from here.

* Gya – Upshi: 27 kms / 0:35 hrs

* Upshi – Karu: 15 kms / 0:15 hrs

* Karu – Shey: 23 kms / 0:25 hrs

* Shey – Leh: 15 kms / 0:20 hrs

Total Distance / Time: 366 kms / 11:15 hrs

Leg 4: Leh to Pangong Tso and back

The road from Leh to Pangong Tso is mostly a smooth one, with some rough patches. On the way, you will have to cross the Pagal Nala though. This is a mountain stream that has come onto the road – and you need to negotiate it carefully lest the heavy water flow and the rocky bed cause an accident. You will get basic restaurants at town along the way to order snacks, meals and tea.

* Leh to Shey: 15 km / 0:15 hrs

* Shey to Karu: 23 kms / 0:20 hrs

* Karu to Sakti: 11 kms / 0:20 hrs

* Sakti to Chang La (Pass): 34 kms / 1:10 hrs

Take a brief halt here for pictures. The Army also serves great tea and coffee – have some, it’s refreshing.

* Chang La to Pangong Tso (start of lake): 77 kms / 2:30 hrs

Total Distance / Time: 160 km / 4:35 hrs one way

Leg 5: Leh to Tso Moriri, with detour to Tso Kar on the way, and back

The road to Tso Moriri is mostly a good one. Exceptions are (1) when you take the detour to Tso Kar and (b) the stretch between the small lake before Tso Moriri to Tso Moriri itself.

* Leh to Shey: 15 km / 0:15 hrs

* Shey to Karu: 23 kms / 0:20 hrs

* Karu to Upshi: 15 kms / 0:15 hrs

* Upshi to Chumathang: 95 kms / 2:00 hrs

* Chumathang to Mahe Bridge: 23 kms / 0:30 hrs

Your permits will be checked here.

* Mahe Bridge to Sumdo Village: 12 kms / 0:15 hrs (Diversion here for Tso Kar, the lake is about 40 kms / 1:10 hrs one way from here)

Take a detour from here, visit Tso Kar and come back the same way. Make a mental note of some landmarks – since much of the road is a dirt track, you do not want to take the wrong fork on the way back.

* Sumdo Village to Small Lake before Tso Moriri: 23 kms / 0:35 hrs

The road disappears at this point – you are just driving over a desert. Follow the tracks made by other vehicles. And watch out for soft sand pits – my car got stuck here and had to be pulled out by an Army truck.

* Small Lake to start of Tso Moriri: 15 kms / 0:30 hrs

Total Distance / Time: 221 kms / 4:40 hrs only Leh to Tso Moriri; diversion to Tso Kar is 40 kms / 1:10 hrs one way

Leg 6: Leh to Kyagar, Nubra Valley and back

* Leh to South Pullu: 40 kms / 1:15 hrs

* South Pullu to Khardung La: 11 kms / 1:00 hrs

Welcome to the highest motorable road in the world – or so the Army claims. Even in summers, don’t be surprised if you find snowflakes falling on your head.

* Khardung La to North Pullu: 21 kms / 1:15 hrs

* North Pullu to Yarab Tso Hotel, Kyagar, Nubra Valley: 80 kms / 2:30 hrs

Total Distance / Time: 152 kms / 6 hrs (The Siachen Glacier is about 100 kms / 3:00 hrs away from Kyagar)

Leg 7: Leh to Kargil

Take the road via Magnetic Hill, Likir Monastery, Khalsi (also spelled Khaltsi or Khaltse on different signboards), Lamayuru and Mulbeck. You can also visit Alchi for a night halt on the way, a short diversion off the highway. Leh to Alchi is 67 kms / 1:30 hrs. It is mostly a good highway – it has to be considering it is the lifeline for the Indian Army in protecting the borders from Pakistan. This highway runs along the borders of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK as it is commonly called) – and Pakistani armed forces can target traffic on this highway from behind the mountains.

Total Distance / Time: 230 kms / 7:00 hrs

Leg 8: Kargil to Padum, Zanskar and back

The distance is an approximation as my car’s odometer stopped working – it could not take the bumpy drive. What you get here is not a road – just a rocky, bumpy path where you are lucky to average 20 km/hr. I pride in my stamina for long drives – but this one left me exhausted. Approximately half way is Rangdum, with some camp sites and a monastery. You also have some shacks serving hot meals – eaten only to address hunger pangs. If you are finicky, pack your lunch in Kargil. Unfortunately, the accommodation and food waiting at the end of the ordeal does not provide any solace to the body. But wake up the following morning and your spirits will soar when you meet the people of Zanskar and look at its beauty. The only way back though is the same way to Kargil.

Total Distance / Time: 240 kms / 12:00 hrs approx.

Leg 9: Return leg from Kargil

Once you are back in Kargil, you can go back one of the following ways:

* Retrace the path to Leh and catch a flight.

* Retrace the path to Leh and continue driving to Manali and beyond. Follow directions given for Manali – Jispa and Jispa – Leh in reverse.

* Go to Srinagar to catch a flight or continue driving further to your destination. Kargil to Sonamarg is 120 km / 5:30 hours; Sonamarg to Srinagar is 86 km / 2:30 hours; Srinagar to Jammu is 302 kms (189 miles) / 7:53 hrs. and Jammu to Delhi is 643 kms (402 miles) / 11:52 hrs. Read Kunzum Route K11 for a detailed guide.


* I have not included the time where I took stops. In other words, you are only reading actual driving times above except where mentioned.

* The actual distance readings can vary in different cars. Treat these as approximations only.

* Time taken can vary with traffic – always a good idea to leave early morning to beat at least some of the rush.

* One rule when driving in India: Keep asking for directions even when you know you are going correctly. With highways constantly being upgraded, you may be directed to some more efficient routes including bypassing towns, or being told about new roads. And locals always know when a road or a bridge has gone under, and may suggest alternate routes.

* The best people to ask for directions are drivers of taxis, buses and trucks. They ply the roads all the time.

* Milestones give distances to centres of town – and the above may not necessarily be measured at that point by me.

* SH: State Highway; NH: National Highway

* Divide all distances mentioned in kms by 1.6 to convert to miles.

Tips for Driving on Route K12

If you want to really enjoy Ladakh, you have to go by road. But driving in this terrain requires planning and caution. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

* You can get to Ladakh either via Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir or Manali in Himachal Pradesh. And can complete the loop by entering from one and exiting from the other.

* The roads are motorable from end-May to mid-October. But there is no assurance that you can drive even during this period. If the snow does not melt on higher passes, the roads may open late. Likewise, early or unseasonal snowfalls, flash floods and excessive rains can close the roads anytime. It is advised you check conditions before heading out.

* Never be short on fuel – have ample to spare. You can tank up only in Manali, Tandi, Leh, Kargil and Srinagar. Good Samaritans may not always have spare for you. Check the sections of fuel and what to pack in this book.

* Avoid driving sedans, take SUVs. While a 4-wheel drive is recommended, even a 2-wheel should be good if it has a good ground clearance.

* The quality of roads can swing between extremes with every passing year – don’t be shocked or surprised with what you encounter.

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  1. Thank you for posting such a wonderfully written and detailed document, I plan to visit leh on my 500 cc end of this month.

  2. I want to take my WagonR to Leh from Delhi and planning a trip with my family in summer 2012. My car is in good condition and had made almost all the hill stations in Uttaranchal and Himachal. So, can I make it in my WagonR?

    Waiting for your quick reply.

  3. I am planning for a Ladakh trip this summer [May 18th to June 2nd]. Is this a good time to drive + will 2 weeks be sufficient to do a Delhi – Ladakh – Delhi road trip? Any insights would be helpful.

  4. Nice inputs. Pls guide as i am planning to visit by motorbike. how much time will be sufficient to have a good joyfull experience.

  5. Great post.sir i m planing a trip to leh in this summer with frnds plz tel me sir personal vhical enterd in rohtang?

  6. Hi,
    I am planning to visit leh on May 1st week via road. I hav few queries:
    1) How many days trip should it be?
    2) What’s the minimun time required to travel from delhi to leh as well as from manali to leh if we dnt plan to stop anywhere?
    3) Where would I get a self driving car in delhi n manali, as I would be coming for Mumbai. Also what would be the per day cost of SUV.
    4) whether the roads will be open by 1st week of may? if not then what wud be the best time to visit.
    Anticipating response so that i can plan my travel asap.

  7. Hi,
    Addition to my last queries, would also like to know the names of the hotels where i could stay on my way to Leh.


  9. Folks

    I have successfully done a road trip to Leh Ladakh from 10-20th June 2013 and the routing was Delhi – Manali – Leh – Nubra- Leh – Kargil – Sinagar – Jammu – Delhi.

    I hired a Toyota Etios Sedan self – driven car from Carzonrent, Delhi. It was a hassle free experience with this agency.

    With my wifey on board, we had hit the roads for the Most Adventurous Trip of a Lifetime. Ajay’s Kunzum route 11/12, his notes and suggestions were the ‘ BIBLE ‘ for this expedition. I appreciate the effort he has put in and the numbers were precise to its best. Nonetheless, mobile GPS was a saviour too. The only time I deviated from this rule book was to hire a Sedan instead of SUV. However, I donot regret choosing a sedan but SUV would have been less tiring. I got motivated seeing a Nano and an Alto driving at par.

    I am writing my experiences going by Kunzum routes K11 & K12.

    Leg 1 : Delhi – Manali

    At exit point of Ambala, I too crossed the toll plaza as Ajay did. Turned around and took the right way to Kharar and in this confusion I missed the police check post for road tax collection. Got caught by cops at Kharar and had to deal with them as we normally do (500 bugs). Here onwards, din’t miss a single post.

    A night stop in Manali is not a good option, as it June is a peak season for tourists. It took me 2hrs @ 09:30pm to navigate through the mall road which is a 3km stretch.

    Time Taken : 12:00hrs

    Leg 2 : Manali – Jispa

    Road until Marhi was good. There after made slow progress due to heavy traffic jam. Reason 1 – There were landslides the previous night near Rohtang Pass and the BRO ( Border Roads Organisation) stopped the flow for 4hrs. Reason 2 – Road to Rohtang is closed on Tuesdays and all the tourists in Manali were eagerly waiting for Wednesday morning. I thought 6am is ideal start, but the rush started from 3am. Time taken from Manali – Rohtang is 6hrs.
    Road was bad climbing down from Rohtang till Koksar. Refuelled at Tandi and the journey was un interrupted until Jispa. All the tiredness just vanished after reaching the Jispa Journeys Camp by the lakeside.

    Time taken : 11:00hrs

    Leg 3 : Jispa – Leh

    Most Interesting drives I had ever done. Even the damaged roads, water crossings, dust tracks din’t hinder my progress. Past Gya, I was just bowled over by the picturesque landscapes. Took too many halts to capture the beauty of the mountains and valleys. Road got better as we approached Leh.

    Time taken : 12:00hrs

    Leg 4: Leh to Nubra

    Vehicles with yellow plates other than J&K registration are not allowed to visit tourist places in Leh. Having rented a yellow plate car I was Iil apprehensive about it. But I took a chance and got through the taxi unions check post.
    Enjoyed the drive through the snow flakes @ Khardung la and reached Nubra.
    Next morning on our way back, vehicular movement was stopped due to snowfall at Khardung la. It made for great pictures for an hour but then came the letdown that the road is closed for the rest of the day. Had to head back to Nubra for another night.

    Leg 5: Leh – Pangong Tso

    Started early from Leh, reached Karu in about an hour. Waited for 5hrs for the roads to open which we’re blocked with Snow walls for past 3days. Disappointed and returned back to Leh. Nature played lil spoilsport and we could’nt visit Pangong and Tso Moriri due to time constraint.

    Started our return journey on the 8th day, via Kargil – Srinagar – Pathankot – Delhi. Drive from Srinagar to Delhi wasn’t really exciting. However, with great satisfaction of achieving this feat we returned home.

    We will cherish this experience for lifetime…..


  10. Hi,

    I am planing to go Leh-Ladakh in the 2nd week of august(approx. 10-11 days) with my friends and will hire rented car(self drive with black plate car number).

    I need your help on below:

    1 – as the car would have taxi # with black plate so do we need to take any permit to take our car at Leh. If yes than please provide the complete address of permit offices along with office times and fees cost.

    2 – Can we apply online permit request. If yes pl share the link.

    2 – Which one would be the best way to reach Leh-Ladakh.(Manali to Leh or Srinagar to Leh).

    3 – Please let me know the name of stop points along with hotel/guest house name where we can spend our night.(Manali towards Leh or Srinagar towards Leh)

    4 – list of basic requirements or things which we need to carry.

    5 – Do you think that we should carry our own camp/sleeping bag etc.

    6 – locations of petrol pumps, ATM and restaurant.

    7 – any other thing which we need to take care.

  11. Hello!
    This guide is so nice! Only few question:
    – is easy to find petrol pumps and restaurant?
    – Anyone knows where I can rent a 4X4 from Leh to Dehradun?
    Car rent service?

    Thank you <3


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