Kunzum Launches e-Books for iPad, Kindle, other mobile devices and all computers

If you have enjoyed traveling with us on Kunzum.com, then your journeys are all set to become even more memorable. After all, the rules of reading are changing.

Kunzum is proud to announce a pioneering step by launching its content in the form of e-books for the iPad, Kindle, other e-readers, mobile devices and all computers. All these titles will be available on both Kunzum.com and our books publishing and distribution arm, BookWag.

If you are not already hooked to e-books, you may well ask ‘why?’ Here are some good reasons:
* Easy portability – any number of books go in your pocket or handbag.
* Books on demand – pull out any book you need or feel like reading, all a click away.
* Lower cost.
* Books never go out-of-print.
* Even lesser known, niche or out-of-print books can be accessed by you.
* It’s eco-friendly.

But this does not mean we will not publish book on paper – we believe in giving our customers a choice!

E-Formats Available
* .mobi – for Amazon’s Kindle (These will be available on the Kindle store directly too)
* .epub – for iPad and other readers that support this format
* pdf – for any computer, handheld device and e-readers including iPad and Kindle

How does it work?

Very simply, choose a book, click on the Buy Now / Add to Cart button, proceed to check-out and pay through PayPal (using your PayPal account or credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account). Once the payment is approved, you will be sent a link to download the file. Sync it to your device and start reading. No rocket science, right?

Are you ready to browse?
Visit our store, BookWag.com or the books section on Kunzum.

Happy travels and reading!

Our first set of titles (more coming up as we amble along the highways)
* Peep Peep Don’t Sleep, collection of funny road signs (available as .mobi, .epub, pdf and paperback)
* Postcards from Ladakh (includes Kunzum Route K12) – a pictorial travelogue on Ladakh (available as .mobi, .epub, pdf and paperback)
* Postcards from Kashmir (includes Kunzum Route K11) – a pictorial travelogue on Jammu and Kashmir (available as .mobi, .epub and pdf)




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