Driving from Bhuj to Gir National Park: The Great Arabian Sea Drive Day 7

Sweets at Sitaram Dairy Farm
Sweets at Sitaram Dairy Farm

Another early start – driving from Bhuj to Gir, the home of the Asiatic lions. No one knows for sure the distance, time and road conditions. Feel like an explorer.

An uneventful drive – would have liked to take diversions and stop at attractions but the desert heat of the past few days has been too much. Need to cool off.

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Is Gujarat taking the lead in clean energy? There was a solar energy plant marked off the Dasada – Dholavira road. And then I saw big windmill farms too. Of course, there are enough people crying hoarse over all the over-industrialization and reckless development of ports in the state. No comment from me.

Did stop for ice cream at Sitaram Dairy Farm – turned out they make sumptuous Indian sweets. Gorged on and packed pedas of different flavours. Yums!

A Gujarati lunch on the highway at Hotel Krishna of bajra rotla (bread), thepla (gramflour bread), sev tomato and ladyfingers – fresh and hot but not as good as Bhuj’s Annapurna.

Paid a slight premium to sit in the air-conditioned room. It is called the Family Room.

Was not sure what to expect, but what a wonderful property the Gir Birding Lodge turned out to be. Beautifully set in apple orchards with very comfortable rooms.

City folks forget what it is to have evening tea on the verandah with only sounds of birds and smell of plants around. Bliss!

Dinner in the middle of a dark forest – with live background music performed by insects. Even if it means some of them want to share your meals – keep an eye out!

For a change, feeling relaxed and rested after a week of hectic activity. Cannot wait to go looking for the big cats the following morning. Booked all five seats of Gypsy for myself for Rs. 2,100. What will tomorrow hold?

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