Kunzum Route K103: Dasada, Little Rann of Kutch – Dholavira, Gujarat

Welcome to Kunzum Routes! This is a series of time / distance charts between popular travel destinations covering just two points, or recommended circuits. Each of these will be marked by a unique number for easy reference in the future. Given below is Kunzum Route K103 between Dasada, Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat and the ancient Harappan site of Dholavira, also in Gujarat.

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* Dasada (Little Rann of Kutch) – Shankeshwar: 26 Kms ( 16 Miles), 0:34 hrs – Crossed the Tropic of Cancer here

* Shankeshwar – Sami: 22 Kms ( 14 Miles), 0:24 hrs

* Sami – Junction: Left to Radhanpur: 2 Kms ( 1 Miles), 0:03 hrs – Turn Left. Right goes to Mahesana 55 kms away

* Junction: Left to Radhanpur – Radhanpur: 24 Kms ( 15 Miles), 0:25 hrs – Distances marked from here: Kandla – 207; Palanpur – 112; Rajkot – 293; Junagadh – 395; Somnath – 474

* Radhanpur – Varahi: 19 Kms ( 12 Miles), 0:16 hrs

* Varahi – Toll Booth: 2 Kms ( 1 Miles), 0:02 hrs – Paid Rs. 50

* Toll Booth – Santalpur: 30 Kms ( 19 Miles), 0:17 hrs

* Santalpur – Kutch District starts: 22 Kms ( 14 Miles), 0:13 hrs

* Kutch District starts – Turn Right for Adesar and Rapar: 9 Kms ( 6 Miles), 0:06 hrs – Advisable to get fuel at junction here. Don’t miss turn from highway. There are signboards to Dholavira though.

* Turn Right for Adesar and Rapar – Adesar: 2 Kms ( 1 Miles), 0:02 hrs

* Adesar – Rapar: 36 Kms ( 23 Miles), 0:43 hrs – Last Petrol Pump (Reliance) at Rapar – tank up.

* Rapar – Dholavira: 97 Kms ( 61 Miles), 1:23 hrs – Very good road from here – and empty. Recently made. But no decent food option on the way.

Total Driving Time from Dasada – Dholavira: 4:28 Hrs
Total Distance from Dasada – Dholavira: 291 Kms (182 Miles)

Please Note:
* This route last updated in March 2011.
* The times / distances mentioned do not cover stops. In other words, you are only reading actual driving times above except where mentioned.
* The actual distance readings can vary in different cars. Treat these as approximations only.
* Time taken can vary with traffic and time of the day – always a good idea to leave early morning to beat at least some of the rush.
* One rule when driving in India: Keep asking for directions even when you know you are going correctly. With highways constantly being upgraded, you may be directed to some more efficient routes including bypassing towns, or being told about new roads. And locals always know when a road or a bridge has gone under, and may suggest alternate routes.
* The best people to ask for directions are drivers of taxis, buses and trucks. They ply the roads all the time.
* Milestones give distances to centres of town – and the above may not necessarily be measured from / to point. They could be a few miles off the centre.
* SH: State Highway; NH: National Highway
* Distances given in Kms unless otherwise mentioned.
* Divide all distances mentioned in kms by 1.6 to convert to miles.
* Keep toll receipts safe. At some places you are asked to show the earlier one and not charged again.
* Unless mentioned, you will get fuel within 50 – 70 miles. Always a good idea to always have enough fuel for at least 100 – 150 kms.
* Spellings of locations mentioned can vary. And sometimes two places can be spelt the same or similar too.
* Distances marked and mentioned above may not be correct – highway agencies make mistakes commonly.
* We are only trying to help here – don’t sue us if you end up at the wrong place!
* Route charted may not be the most efficient – it may have been chosen to make for a better driving experience or any other reason.
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