Hotel Review: Hotel Opera, Mahendranagar, Nepal

Nepal Mahendranagar Hotel Opera

This is the only ‘quality’ hotel located in Mahendranagar, located near the Indian border. Unless you have a business interest or need a night halt, you usually visit this town to go to the Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.

The hotel is basic in every aspect but cleaner and more comfortable than you would expect in this town.

* Service: Was fine. The staff does make an effort to make you comfortable though.
* Rooms: Very basic but with running water in the bathrooms.
* Location: Just off the East-West Mahendra Highway running across Nepal.
Just 15 minutes from the Indian border.
* Amenities: Have a restaurant that serves meals all day.
* Liked Best: Its location.
* Liked Least: Could have been better furnished but was not expecting that anyway.
*Food Quality: Quite decent. Not much variety though – like in most of Nepal, you mostly get local dishes. Anything else on the menu is usually made badly.

Contact details
Address: Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur, Nepal
Tel: +977-99-522101, +977-99-524174
Fax: +977-99-522547

Suite, NRS 3000 (US$ 49.00)
A/C Deluxe Room, NRS 1500 (US$ 30.00)
Deluxe Room, NRS 1000 (US$20.00)
Budget Room, NRS 800  (US$14.00)

1 INR = 1.6 Nepali Rupees (NRS)

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Nepal Mahendranagar Hotel Opera

Nepal Mahendranagar Hotel Opera



  1. hi me mahesh from jhalari 9 dipnagar nowadays gurgaon,(bhm from delhi) we r proud to say that we have also a hotel in mgnr that i like it n want to see it in progress i m also a hotellier

  2. My boyfriend and I also used this guide whilst we were out in Nepal – we were recommended by a friend who used him when she did Everest Base Camp. We decided to do the Annapurna Circuit plus base camp.

    We met with Sanjib in Kathmandu when we arrived in Nepal and we told him what we wanted to do and how much time we had etc. He told us about a few trips that were possible and we eventually came up with this one.

    It was the most amazing trip and wouldn’t have been the same without him and Ram our porter (

    We spent 20 days trekking in November 2011 and Sanjib was able to answer all of our questions from the birds to the trees to the mountains and religion. It was a very cultural trek with so much history.

    Some people say that it is possible to do the trek without a guide, which may be true but you miss so much when you are on your own and we learnt such a lot from Sanjib which meant that we understood so much more of Nepal when we visited different areas.

    We paid all of our money to him up front, which we were dubious about at the start as we didn’t know him but I wouldn’t say that this was a problem at all.

    He made sure we were happy and safe and had full bellies at all times and made sure that we knew everything about altitude sickness which we didn’t get in the end thanks to his slower pace higher up and aclimatisation walks. We also took Diamox, under his recommendation and we were both fine and only suffered a bit of tingling in our faces (a side effect of the drug)!

    I would recommend Sanjib to ANYONE that was thinking about going trekking in Nepal, I would love to go back and visit him and do another trek with him when I have the time! There are so many guides out there that claim to do everything that he does but I wouldn’t choose anyone without a recommendation because you hear so many stories about dodgy guides and it would be so sad to lose your money and have a bad experience.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions and enjoy your trek!

    Email to him-:sanjib-adhikari@hotmail.c​om

    Silvana Pagani from Italy wrote in 2011 about my experience in Nepal and recommends as guide, Sanjib Adhikari.
    This year at the end of february i went in Nepal for 18 days for the second time and i did a small trekking in the Annapurna region, I went to visit Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bakthapur and Nagarkot and I saw the National Park of Chitwan and in this trip I had the pleasure to meet Sanjib Adhikari.
    He is an independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal and he has already obtained trekking guide license from the ministry of tourism, government of Nepal.
    In his work Sanjib is a person very responsible and serious, very helpful and attentive to his customers, he knows very well the mountain because he has many years of experience and is also an excellent guide for visiting the cities.
    He is someone very competent in his work and always ready to find the best solution, if necessary and speaks English very well.During the trekking and the tours he will tell you many interesting things about culture, about life in the villages, mountains, history and traditions in Nepal.
    The best thing is that Sanjib loves his country very much and loves his work and always manages to convey all his enthusiasm with simple ways and always with the smile. He is a very nice person and is always attentive to the needs of his customers. Sanjib is also very funny and after this experience we became a very good friend. Next year at the end of January I will return for the third time in Nepal and Sanjib will be again my guide. 
    For these reasons I am very glad to report all references of Sanjib
    He Is cantact adress


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