Nepal: Street Chess Anyone in Bandipur? A Video

We have all seen chess boards, but how many of us have seen one made on the street in a market? Very rarely, right? I spotted a beautiful one in the lovely town of Bandipur (read more here) in Nepal, where pieces were all over 18 inches high (my estimate, I wish I had measured it). And you sure had to stretch yourself to move them. And it sure kept the youth of the sleepy town busy. Enjoy the video!

The Chess Players of Bandipur from Kunzum on Vimeo.

Background music by DJ Rubal / Soundkraft Records

You can also see this video on YouTube

An aside: I decided to import one for myself to make a similar board at home. With great difficulty I managed to find the little wooden carved statues that were fixed on the cylinders below – but these were confiscated from the courier by the customs at India.

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