Gallery : Naga Sadhus after Royal Bath at Maha Kumbh 2010

By Prashanth Vishwanathan
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Meandering in the streets of Haridwar this February, I had this wonderful series of pictures of holy men in various stages of nudity, embracing technology and modern habits, yet holding on to their ritualistic practices. This picture was photographed hanging on to a fire truck, when the horders of ‘Shiva’s Army’ returned from the Shahi Snan or royal bath in Haridwar during thr Maha Kumbh 2010.

Ordering Info and Price
Image Code:
Naga Sadhu, Shahi Snan, Haridwar, 2010.
Photographer: Prashanth Vishwanathan
Year Taken: 2010
No. of Editions: 10 across all sizes
Material: Canvas
Standard Size: 36″x26″
Price: Rs. 25,000 / US$ 500
Shipping & Packing Charges: No extra charges for delivery anywhere in India where standard couriers deliver. Overseas shipping cost on request.
Alternate Sizes / Prices: You may order any size of the image provided the ratio of 3:2 is maintained. Price will vary and will be available on request.
Shipping: Prints will be shipped out within 2 working days of receiving order and payment being cleared.

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