A Tagline for Kunzum – and a chance to win a Lenovo IdeaPad Z460

And the WINNER is Atul Ahuja after voting on Facebook. His tagline was: A life of travels. Everything else is incidental. a BIG CONGRATS!

Due to some technical difficulties, we could not put the best 5 entries to vote as given below. Voting is on from November 15-17 on Facebook. Results will be announced on November 18, 2010.

If you think travel is your idea of fun, then this is your chance to win a cool Lenovo IdeaPad Z460. Don’t we just love our sponsors? If you want to have fun with them more often, join them on Facebook for yourself!

About the Prize First

What you get is a notebook with clever multimedia enhancements, all-round performance and a fashionable look that tells others it’s more than a basic notebook. Here’s some more information about it: 

Intel® I3-350M 2.26GHz
Display: 14.0″ HD LED
RAM: 3072 MBs
Graphics: Up to NVIDIA® GeForce® 315M 1GB graphics
Hard Drive: 500 GB
Optical Drive: DVD-RW
LAN: 10M/100M
Battery: 6-cell

For more click here.

Ok, so what do you have to do to get your hands on it?

  • Visit Kunzum.com – where we bring you travel images and stories from India and the rest of the world. Generally browse through the site and get a feel of it.
  • Give us a tagline for it – that best describes what Kunzum is all about.
  • About the tagline: It’s to do with how best you can describe Kunzum in a line, for us its always been about Travel being fun. Don’t make it too long, prefer under 10 words but there is no limit really.
  • Post it as a comment below, or on our Facebook Fan Page or Tweet (make sure you include @kunzum in it).
  • Our jury will decide the best 5 of all entries received.
  • These 5 will be put to vote on Kunzum’s page on Facebook. The entry with the most ‘Likes’ wins! Pure democracy at play here!!
  • Schedule (all times IST)
    • Taglines may be submitted till 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 3, 2010.
    • Voting will take place from 10:00 a.m., Monday, November 8, 2010 to close at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 10, 2010.
    • Winner will be officially declared on Saturday, November 13, 2010
  • Participation is open to all but the prize will be shipped to an Indian address only. Or the winner may collect it from the Kunzum Travel Café in New Delhi.

What are you waiting for? Go have some fun with Lenovo and Kunzum!



  1. Hi there…rnHere are a few taglines I could think of:rnrn1. Kunzum: We make your journeys memorable.rn2. Kunzum: Trips, memories and coffee.rn3. Kunzum: Around the world with camera and coffee.rnrn You can chose whichever you like :)

  2. Here are a few options for @kunzum’s tagline contest:rn1. From around the world in 32-bits.rn2. Meet yourself.rn3. Of battered suitcases and mended souls. (An informal/conversational take on travel rejuvenates/ heals the soul.) rn4. Journey Matters. (Can be read both as ‘it is the journey that matters’ or that Kunzum is about matters related to journey.)rn5. Travel Talks. (Again, two meanings: ‘Travel can talk’ and ‘Kunzum is about talks related to travel.) Alternatively: Traveler Talks.

  3. Kunzum: Traveling Closers To OurselvesrnrnKunzum: Travel Cafe at the Near End of the UniversernrnKunzum: Nothing Beats Jet Lag Than Some Fun Travel StoriesrnrnKunzum: Your Travelgues, Our CafernrnKunzum: All Ears for Your TraveloguernrnKunzum: Continuing in the Footsteps of AdamrnrnKunzum: Let’s Take Off!rnrnKunzum: Home is Where The Travel IsrnrnKunzum: Rest Here WanderlustrnrnKunzum: Your Departure Lounge For Journeys

  4. Kunzum: Live the journeyrnKunzum.com: the travel bug has bitrnKunzum.com: let the travel bug biternKunzum.com: so much to see so little time

  5. Taglines:rnrnHappy wandering!rnrnYou’re flying mat.rnrnWhatever you have imagined about this world, rnexists.rnrnTouch the world. Feel your soul.rnrnYour binoculars to see the world.rnrnDiscover your soul. And its abodes.rnrnGiving directions to your wandering soul.rnrnSet your soul free.rnrnAccompanying your soul around the world.rnrnSetting you (ourselves) free.rnrnVisiting the world.rnrnMaking boundaries invisible.rnrnWalking the world with you.rnrn Leaving footprints and smiles behind.

  6. Kunzum, Amazing travel coffee at the heart of the historic Hauz Khas Village neighborhood in New-Delhi where sharing of trip experiences match perfectly with the awesome pictures decor and the kind perfume of french-press coffee. rnTagline => Welcome in the "open traveling sources coffee".

  7. I love "Isn’t travel wonderful?" .. isn’t this your tagline already? Would like to reiterate it.. :)rnOther suggestion : Kunzum, Your travel inspiration! (cos thats what it is for me)

  8. 1. For its the journey that defines usrn2. The beginning and end of all your journeysrn3. The journeys, the memories, the friendships, the travelogues rn4. For every journey is worth sharing rn5. Where even nomads love to stay a little longer

  9. Oh come on guys, seriously? The rest of the tagline choices are anywhere between mediocre and good at best, but "Journey to Kunzum – you will not want to return"… to it?rnrnDid you seriously not see that? What were you smoking when you chose this?rnrn(And if you still don’t see it, compare it with "Journey to Kunzum – you will not want to *leave*" and you’ll get my point)

  10. Sanjay, Sandeep and Rashmi have posted some "swell" taglines … but ofcourse you guyz at kunzum have your reasons for shortlisting the five that you did. I’m sure several us do not agree. Includes me. I think a few others were more qualified to make it all the way to the "machine". And a vote on all taglines would have been more just than a vote on a shortlisted few.


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