Five reasons why you should geotag your pictures

It is the latest bit of jargon to have hit photography – geotagging, or the ability to add details about where a picture was taken, using GPS. While the jury is still out on whether it will become a rage, there can be no doubting its utility, especially to travellers and shutterbugs. Here’s why:

  1. You do not have to bother making notes about where a picture was taken – you will have the exact location, thanks to GPS co-ordinates.
  2. You can show where exactly you have taken pictures on a world map, using software like iPhoto. People can therefore not just see the route you have followed on a map, but also what you saw, thanks to your geotagged images.
  3. Just as the time and date stamp on a picture is accepted by many people as evidence of when it was taken, geotagging an image is proof of where you took it.
  4. A geotagged image can show a person exactly where you clicked the picture. This is particularly handy when you want people to look at a particular section of the landscape.
  5. A geotagged image when uploaded to certain sites like Google Maps and Flickr! can provide travellers with valuable information about routes and landmarks. You can actually look at a map and see different perspectives of landscapes and monuments taken by different people, helping you plan out your trip a lot better.

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