Glympse – show people where you are, no downloads or log-ins needed

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Contributed by Nimish Dubey

Letting ┬ápeople know where you are has become easier thanks to just about every device and social networking service in town getting GPS or some kind of location-sensing feature. However, most location-displaying options tend to be designed to display your location to a whole community for as long as you have the feature running and inevitably involve a few downloads and/or logins. What if you wanted to show just a select number of people where you are and that too for just a limited amount of time, without them having to download any app or even log in to a sute? For instance, what if you wanted to tell just a group of your friends about where you were from say, noon to 3 pm? Well, as techies love to say these days, there’s an app for that too. And it is called Glympse.

All you need to do is download Glympse to your phone (it currently runs on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices) from and then simply select with whom you want to share location and for what time. The people with whom you wish to share you whereabouts will get an email containing a link, which they need to click on to see where you are on a map. Extremely cool, we think, because it keeps one in control of who is watching one and for how long. And the best part is that the only person who needs to download the app is the person sending out news about his or her whereabouts – you just need an Internet-connected phone or a computer to see the person’s location. There is some drain on battery while your location is being transmitted but then you can always restrict for just how long that happens. And yes, if you are obsessed with Facebook, you can share your location using Glympse there as well.

A terrific app for all those who travel and would like to do so without letting the whole world know, we think. Now, if only they could come up with versions of the apps for more phones!

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  1. Glympse is not available for download on windows phone in india. it does not even show up on search. You know any other way i can install on my mango driven Omnia W phone?


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