Great Himalayan Drive Day 13: Exploring Patan in Kathmandu in Nepal

A view of the Patan Darbar Square in Kathmandu in Nepal
A view of the Patan Darbar Square in Kathmandu in Nepal

Patan, the oldest of the cities (others being Kathmandu and Bakhtapur) in the Kathmandu Valley, is rightly deserving of its World Heritage status. Known as the ‘City of Fine Arts’ The structures in the Patan Darbar Square are dated 16th century onwards; most were built during the reign of King Siddhi Narsingh Malla (1618-1661 AD), the first independent Malla dynastry king of Patan. The dynasty continued its reign till it was subdued by King Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great in 1768.

While each of the structures in the Darbar Square merit a visit, some are closed to public except on special days like Shiv Ratri. While you are there, a visit to the Museum is a must. You will be hard pressed to find a better curated history of a place as at this museum; you will also develop an understanding of how the art forms in this region are practiced.

I visited Patan on Day 13 of the Great Himalayan Drive. Will write more about this place when I take a break from the hectic schedule this journey has imposed on me. In the meantime, have a look at some pics on Facebook even if you are not a member.



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