Great Himalayan Drive Day 52: A walk in the tulip gardens of Srinagar in Kashmir

The Tulip Garden in Srinagar, Kashmir
The Tulip Garden in Srinagar, Kashmir

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Want to see tulips? Here are two possible options:

1. Keukenhof Flower Gardens near Amsterdam in Holland: Over 7 million bulbs planted, best viewed for two spring months starting end-May.
2. Tulip Garden in Srinagar: Smaller by comparison, best viewed for 2 weeks starting end-March. With a breathtaking view of Himalayan peaks around and the Dal Lake below. Surrounded by gardens developed by the Mughal emperors many centuries ago.

Take your pick. I chose the latter, and would want to go back every season. The Government also organizes a 3-day cultural festival, but the plan was shelved when I was there. No regrets – decibels may not be a good idea for flowers. I spent one full morning at the garden – could have been there for hours.

Funny – if only it were not such a serious issue
I reached the tulip garden before opening hours – but was allowed in when the gardener opened the gates for a police team. They were there to scan the place for explosives – the Chief Minister was due for a visit in a few hours. They checked all the flower beds, gardener rooms, offices, kiosks, trees and subsequent visitors – except me. My rucksack and big lenses could have contained anything! Explains some past tragedies?

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  1. Silsila – The movie starring Amitabh Bachchan/Rekha And that was first I saw tulips no matter it was silver-screen. Now thanks to you for sharing your tour And the day I reach Kashmir I am at Tulip Garden for sure. Thanks to you in-advance.

  2. beautifully shot Ajay…looks like the backdrop for a YR movie !! :-))
    the latter does seem an inviting option…will go there someday with my family.

  3. reminds me of ‘dekha ek khwaab to ye silsile hue, door tak nigah mein hain gul khile hue…’. splendid pics ajay!

  4. Thanks Neelima. No problem, let me know which image you want to use. You may download it directly from / facebook. Or you want without watermark, will mail you.

  5. I just came across your post and was simply wow-ed by the pictures. I saw tulips like this for the first time in Turkey, which incidentally is the home of the tulip. The more I see these 5-petaled beauties, the more I want to see them. The backdrop of the Himalayas makes it quite a site. In Istanbul, I had the Bosphorus and a 1500 year old church in the background – Posted here on my blog

  6. This year around April 20, I will be in Srinagar with my family and make sure to visit Tulip Garden – I have read your complete Travelogue and liked it. Thanks for sharing information and lovely photograph.

  7. reading your travelogue, i am feeling very excited. I am going with my wife to srinagar-sonmarg-gulmarg-pahalgam this sept. I hope to enjoy a lot there. Any tips in specific !


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