Jordan / Wadi Rum: Natural Rock Faces, Phantoms, Monsters, Pharoahs, Ghouls, Nymphs, Mummies Etc.

Jordan, Wadirum, The Grim Pharoah
The Grim Pharoah

Jordan is a fascinating country – completely a desert but one where the sand, winds and time have created fascinating natural rock structures. Amongst these – if you look carefully – are many natural shapes that look like faces, animals, phantoms, ghouls, vampires, mummies, squids, ghosts, skulls, skeletons and more. And they all seem to be wanting to say something. The more you look, the more you will see. Warning: the images can haunt later. Enjoy these sights. More coming up! The ones below are from Wadi Rum.

Jordan, Wadirum, 'The Skinny Monster'
'The Skinny Monster'
Jordan, Wadirum, 'The Sea Monster'
The Sea Monster
Jordan, Wadirum, The Fossiliezed Nymphs
The Fossiliezed Nymphs
Jordan, Wadirum, El Bosco-ish Artwork by Nature
El Bosco-ish Artwork by Nature
Jordan, Wadirum, The Thumb Sucking Monster
The Thumb Sucking Monster
Jordan, Wadirum, Flintstone's New Den
Fred Flintstone's New Den

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