Lend a Hand / Donate to help rebuild Ladakh

Tsemo Monastery in Leh, Ladakh

Contributed by Madhu Reddy (Madhu Reddy is doing her bit to connect those who want to contribute and those who need all resources to rebuild Ladakh.)

There are many organizations which are working in Ladakh to help the victims of the recent flash floods. How does one give and to whom?

  • Find out how your money is going to be used. Is it for immediate relief like rebuilding shelter, distribution of food and water etc.
  • Some organizations give tools to the affected to rebuild their lives after the immediate needs of food, shelter and housing are taken care of.
  • Give your money to the organization you are closest to, have worked with them or know personal friends who can vouch for their transparency.
  • Work with travel agencies/NGO’s that you personally might have traveled/worked with and trust their judgement and local presence.

Trust: Its important to know that in this jaded world that there are genuine folks out there who are willing to help and will honor your donation by putting it to the best use.

Material Donation: If you donate materials like blankets and warm clothes please ensure that they are in decent condition. Do not give materials which take away dignity from those who might have never asked for any help.  Please check Goonj website for more information on how to donate materials.

Your Employer: Check with your employer if they match your “funds”. Contact your CSR/ Human Resources department to get more information on your employers efforts.

Some organizations and folks who are lending a hand in Leh:

Oxfam Indiahttp://www.oxfamindia.org/emergencies/shelter-emerges-immediate-priority-leh

According to Oxfam, the single most important need of the people of the affected villages in Leh is shelter. The houses have all been washed away and Winter is approaching…

Sankar Sridhar: A fellow photographer and traveler who has spent a decade Ladakh. Currently assisting relief efforts on the ground.

Beneficiary Name : Flood Relief Fund AMI
Leh Account Number : 0069040100027906
Account type : Savings
Bank Name : The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd Branch :
Leh – Main Market

Some of the images of Ladakh shot by Sridhar: http://sankarsridhar.com/publish/index.php

Sridhar and friends just returned from a Igu, a village where relief had not yet reached. The village is about 70 km from Leh, and much of it has been buried.

Samparan Foundation: http://www.samarpanfoundation.org/website/

Samparan foundation is looking for  1. As much cement – for construction. 2. As much steel – for building. 8mm * 5mm steel rods 2” * 2” weld mesh 3. Corrugated zinc sheets for roof. This is very urgent and to be delivered in Leh.

Please check the website for donation funds.

LAMO foundationhttp://www.lamo.org.in/

For more info please contact “Abeer Gupta”abeer.gupta@gmail.com , or to Monisha at “Monisha Ahmed”<monisha@bom4.vsnl.net.in>. Tax exemption certificates will be available for payments.

Account name: LAMO TRUST (ALL CAPS)
Current Account number: 30913378915
RTGS CODE – SB IN 0001365
Address of branch – SBI BANK, Main Bazar, LEH

You can also contact Abeer at +91 9205024801 (Jammu and Kashmir) +91 9920958244 (Bombay / Roaming)

Updates will be posted soon by LAMO.


For updates from Goonj pls check their website and FB page for updates on Goonj will be involved. They are currently on ground evaluating the need.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GOONJ/150270596264?ref=ts

Goonj Overseas:

For people based in US can also send in their contribution through Arpan Foundation, website-www.arpanfoundation.org

For people based in UK can also send in their contribution through Asian Foundation for Help, website-http://www.asianfoundation.org.uk/aboutus.html

Getoff Ur Ass: Please check their page for more details on Fundraising events in Bangalore (Aug 14th) , Delhi and Mumbai. http://www.facebook.com/getoffurass?ref=ts

Fundraising event in Bangalore:  Aug 14th, 2010

No.1 Shanthi road/Shanti Nagar/Bangalore-25

For map and direction details – pls check http://www.1shanthiroad.com/

“We also plan to have an exhibition of images contributed from folks we know soon. Sale proceeds from the exhibition will be forwarded to Ladakh towards any kind of rehabilitation work. More about the exhibition to be posted on Facebook; getoff and onthemove pages. For more details – pls contact Sandhya@getoffurass.com hand phone; +919916192000”

Redcross work in Leh: http://www.ifrc.org/docs/appeals/10/MDRIN005dref.pdf

The IFRC’s work is guided by Strategy 2020 which puts forward three strategic aims:

1. Save lives, protect livelihoods, and strengthen recovery from disaster and crises.

2. Enable healthy and safe living.

3. Promote social inclusion and a culture of nonviolence and peace.

PM’s Relief Fundhttp://pmindia.nic.in/relief.htm

Volunteer: Give your time. If organizations are looking for skilled volunteers on location ask for pertaining information. Ensure that your time and effort will be utilized properly. Volunteer closer to home, help with fundraising efforts if possible.

Rebuilding takes time. If you cannot help today, check with the organizations if you can do so later.

If you know other organizations that you work with please feel free to include them in your comments. Please feel free to “tag” others so that this appears on their page.


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