Pushkar, Rajasthan: Go Sign Spotting!

All the images here were taken in Pushkar in Rajasthan. Interesting, right? How about making a game of it? Next time you go to Pushkar (we strongly recommend you plan a trip to this town – will be writing about it soon), look around and count how many of these you can spot. And come back and tell us. If you score over 80 percent, we will give you a gift. Take pics with your camera or mobile! Wish you all the best! (And do add to what we have here – we love signs!)

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  1. Hey…

    I have been to Pushkar in November 2008 and myself clicked some 15-20 pics of strange sign-boards…and they were damn hillarious…Pushkar is a heaven for mis-spelt signboards…I am damn sure that the same painter paints them !!!

    Nice Collection…


  2. i’ve got a hotel in pushkar by the name of gulaab niwaas palace. it is situated atop a sand dune very close to the lake and offers unparalleled views of the town and its beautiful surroundings. those coming this side could try out our property. each room has a private balcony and i can guarantee the views would blow your mind. the service is nice and friendly and the food simple and home like. call me and i’l try and give you a good deal.

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