10 excuses why you cannot travel enough – and my KO punches for each

If I had a sundae for every time someone moaned, “I wish I could travel like you. But how do I travel?” I would bloat up enough to be denied a seat in any form of transport. Except the back of a truck used to transport buffaloes.

Back to these moaners and groaners who are not really seeking a solution from me. Every positive suggestion falls on deaf ears; they only want to hear their own rant. They are hypochondriacs for whom the sweetest state is one of unhappiness. Exceptions exist for this rule too. Thankfully.

Let us start with the commonest excuses for not being able to travel:

  1. Cannot afford it
  2. Too much work
  3. What do I do about children?
  4. Spouse / partner does not like travel
  5. Cannot sit in the car for so long – makes me sick
  6. Cannot take long breaks
  7. Weekends are full of chores – when I am not working
  8. Cannot leave old parents alone
  9. Too tiring – all the packing, bookings etc.
  10. I don’t want to travel just like that – I want to be a travel writer / photographer.

Even when I know the conversation will end up over the cliff, I am an incorrigible respondent. These are my ideas when I sell the dream of travel.

  1. There is always an option that can suit your pocket. What does it cost to hop on to a bus or a train and pitch tent somewhere?
  2. Who says travel means leaving town? Have you explored your own city? No place in the world can be a blank – there is always something historical, natural, social, cultural, modern or adventurous that you can explore. Remember work expands to fill the time available. The Internet is full of good advice on how to be a more efficient worker.
  3. Carry children with you. The world does. Nothing will happen to yours. Or leave them with grandparents who always complain of not getting enough time with them – let them enjoy the overdose.
  4. Leave the spouse / partner behind. Or find common ground. Don’t be a slave. Don’t worry – your sex life won’t come to an end.
  5. You don’t have to travel by road every time if it makes you sick. Or break journey. At worst you will throw up a few times. So?
  6. Why wait for long breaks – head out on weekends.
  7. Is every weekend full of chores or work? How about one a month or every two months? Club it with a Friday or Monday. You can always travel overnight to give yourself maximum daytime to explore.
  8. Take old parents with you. Will be healthier for them. If you can’t, kick your sibling’s conscience out of its irresponsible slumber. Or hire a nurse to keep an eye.
  9. The out-of-city-air will rejuvenate any sores caused by the act of packing toothpaste and a change of underwear in a duffel bag.
  10. Everyone cannot be a professional traveller. Even the existing ones like us scramble for crumbs. Save us some competition, let another day job pay for your travel.

Are you travelling anywhere soon? What is your excuse?



  1. Ha Ha Ha….rnAjay, rnI so much hear you. :-)rnI could shout ALL the 10 pts you’ve mentioned and some more.rnrnStill I solo backpacked for 45 days to 2 countries where language was alien. rnSOLO !!rnBeing an Indian woman with all those responsibilities, it’s difficult but it’s doable if you have the will.rn:-)

  2. This is it!! Now even Ajay has spotted the excuses. I’m going now… wherever my car will take me. Enough is enough.

  3. This is so so apt. i read this n i think i have used most of these excuses at some part of my life or the other, when i would meet well travelled friends -‘so lucky’ i would sigh. But now im travelling , n i think the only way to do it is to just pack your bags and leave!! there is no quicker or sure shot way than tha, and everything else will fall in line.

  4. I think there are two kinds of people in the world – those who love to travel and those who don’t. Those who fall under the first category for them it is something as necessary as having food/ going to the washrooms etc. ….there are no two ways about it.rnrnAny kind and form of travel works for me…a well planned luxurious one/ on the spur one/ a whimsical “get lost” one/ adventure/ nature/ sports/ history/ long/ short…..anything. Wait, no…not anything…on a second thought, crowd suffocates me.rnrnI lost the adaptability of staying in youth hostels and sharing common restrooms as I used to do when I was a student….barring that I am game….or else I won’t survive – it’s that simple! :-)

  5. I have heard these excuses since so long but luckily and thanks to God haven ever given them to anybody ever !!!rnrnHave been travelling since I started earning and would keep doing that till I live !!!rnrnHope people get off their asses and start travelling after reading this post !!!rnrnCheers to Life…rnNishant

  6. All the best Anubhav. Do keep us posted about your travels.rnrnWe want to hear how you did it Nisha. Care to share it on Kunzum?rnrnWay to go Sudeepta. We will be waiting for your travel stories.

  7. Hi Kathakali, a keen traveller is always a friend of Kunzum. And LOL – we all lose the ability to share loos after a while. More like: Why should I need to after all these years?rnrnAnd we love your spirit too Nishant. Keep at it. rnrnWhen are you off Maithili? :)

  8. Well! It took me just 10 mins this morning to finalize my Kasmir trip starting this Saturday….I think if I get 48 hrs…..I will plan for Mars. Talk about "on the spur" one! And you are right about sharing loos…why should I need to after all these years? :-)

  9. Hmmmm…im off to Guwahati next month for a bit..planning to do Tawang again..by road..its a picturesque 20 hour drive and the climate is perfect for it..have added you on Fb..have uploaded some pics from my earlier trip there..

  10. Thankfully, hubby and I share the travel bug. So do our two kids! rnHave been all over India in our own vehicle, and always ready for more. rnWe also get "those " comments from people all the time….’How Lucky ! How can you sit so long in the car?’ ‘how do your kids manage such rough travel?’…..etc…rnI guess kids learn early….and I sure hope they carry on in the same vein as they grow into well travelled individuals.

  11. Don”t listen to Ajay :)rn10 Years back I was using these reasons and was happy. Now I have a big hole in my pocket which seems to be growing.

  12. Hi all, I am of 35 now, I belong to a Hindu Family in Punjab. So when i planned for my first travel in 1990 (alone/with friend, but offcourse not with parents) the hindu sacred place "Mata Naina Devi, in Distt. Una , Himachal Pradesh , was on our first priority. Because it was the only sacred hill station near to Punjab and which we could afford. We were 7 friends initially when we started planning, but were only 3 finally on starting of this journey. We enjoyed a lot on this trip. We spent Rs. 150/- each on this tour. And this amount was the highest amongest all of our friends spent on their travel in their life. Ha-Ha-Ha.rnrnThen we decided we will do atleast our tour every year. And we all three friends made our dream fulfilled till 7 years from this tour.rnrnI have a collection of 1000 photographs , which i clicked on these tours and 20000 photos grabed from net.rnrnIn this 20 years span i have tour more than 20 times. And my Kodak Digital Cam is allways with me.rnrnMy latest tour is to Mussorrie ( i have visited mussorrie for 3 times before) with family. Me , wify, and both kids. rnrnI planned this tour on 09-June and starting of this journey was 10-June. :-) , We started journey by train from my city Barnala (Punjab) to Haridwar at 8:00 am. When i had my confirmed booking of this train(Second Seating), but it was very tough to get seat in this day time train. We got only 2 seats, when i had 3 confirm seats. (Thanx Indian Railway + IRCTC) . so we reach to Haridwar by 3:00 pm (the train was 1 hr late) (Again thanx to railway, because it was late 2 hrs , 1 day before) Ha-Ha-Ha.rnrnWe reached to our budget hotel. And after relaxation of 1 hr we planned to go for Ropeway in Haridwar. This ropewas is placed on Mata Mansa Devi Mandi at Haridwar. And i will suggest everybody not to take this ropeway in future. It was damm bad experience of my life. because after getting ticket, they will ask u waiting time is 1 hr, when it is more than 3 hr, so all of your next plans will be in the air. And their waiting ques are like animal sheds. Very bad experience.rnSo, it took my 4 hours for a ride of 2 minutes of that holy darshan.rnrnSorry friend, i have to rush for an urgent work, i will try to publish my whole journey to Mussorrie etc.rnrnManoj Jindalrn9877188771rnsaisolutionsbnl@gmail.com


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