Sandisk Extreme Pro Memory Cards for your camera: Time to upgrade

Sandisk Compact Flash Extreme ProIf you are using a DSLR camera which uses Compact Flash (CF) cards to store pictures, it is time for you to consider upgrading to Sandisk’s latest offering: The Extreme Pro. Why? Here are some good reasons to (and I can vouch for these with a delightful personal experience):

  • Capacity: These come in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Do you realize how many images these can add up to? Especially if you shoot in RAW or capture HD video with cameras like Canon’s 5D Mark II? Figure out the math depending on how much memory is required by images on your camera. For many a shooting assignment, you may not even need to carry a laptop or any other device to empty your CF card; come back home and do it. Marked prices vary from Rs. 17,499 – 57,499 but street prices can be lower if you look around.
  • Safety: A higher capacity means you don’t have to shuffle cards, lowering the probability of losing them after you take them out of the camera. It has not happened to my memory cards, but I have dropped lens caps into raging rivers from a rope bridge. Disasters can take a worse form.
  • Speed: These cards read / write at 90 MB/sec. Forget the technology behind it – look at the advantages. When you are shooting in a continuous burst mode of someone skiing or any other action, you need not miss that crucial moment just because your buffer was being emptied. Likewise, great for HD video.
  • Handling extreme weather conditions: You may be shooting the upper Himalayas in winters or the dunes of the Sahara desert in June, and can be confident of the CF card not giving up on you. It is designed to handle a temperature range of -25 to 85 degrees Celsius. Their RTV Silicone coating means added protection against moisture and humidity. Drop from nine feet high and they will bounce back smiling. Don’t believe it? Hold Sandisk to their lifetime limited warranty.

Proof of the pudding? I went to Nagaland recently where I would be out from early morning to late evening shooting pictures. And I could not lug my heavy Mac all day long. That’s where Sandisk’s high capacity came handy. And taking shots of the Naga dances in a continuous mode meant I could capture just the expression I wanted. For a change my memory lasted longer than the battery.

Is it for you? Of course. Even if you are an amateur.

Want to know more about the card? Click here.



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