Travelscopes, October 2010: Where is your Zodiac taking you?

Don’t we all love the idea of travel? And cannot wait to hit the road ASAP? But we never know what the future holds – wish someone would tell us so we can look forward to it. So here we are, with the Kunzum Travelscopes – with your sun sign charting the course for you. Every month. Watch this space. Starting now! And if you have some specific queries (travel related only), ping our very own guru Shruti Sharma (yes, Pandit Sharma is a feminine garb) at

AquariusAquarius (21 Jan – Feb 19)

A cruise is on the cards but you might need to work for it a little. If it   works out, make sure you avoid any heated arguments with your partner as they could take a serious turn. To avoid such an event, meditate together, every morning at the break of dawn. Best time for it: Oct 12 – 28; Best place to travel: Lakshadweep Islands; Lucky colours: shades of green; Lucky charm: a green, satin scarf or sarong.

PiscesPisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

If you live in the city, you need to get away urgently. Going to the hills might be a good option. If you haven’t travelled alone ever, now is the time to try it. It would be a good idea to pursue artistic passions while you’re in the hills, or even pick up a new form of art. Indulgence in food might do you some good. Best place to travel: Northeast India; Best time: Oct 2 – 12; Lucky Colours: ochre; Lucky charm: carry a toy with you, and feature it with you in all the photographs you take.

AriesAries (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Cancel all your travel plans for the first three weeks of this month, whether you’re planning to travel for business or pleasure since it can affect your health. It is only favourable for you to travel from the 25 – 31 Oct, and even during this time, be extra cautious about food. Since diamonds are lucky for you, it would be favourable if you wear a diamond while travelling or carry it on your person. Best place to travel: Southern part of India; Lucky colours: rose pink.

taurusTaurus (Apr 21 – May 21)

This isn’t time for vacations geared towards gaining quietude and spirituality; it is time for you to get in touch with your wild side. Plan a vacation to a place where you can put your dancing shoes on, and let your hair down. Don’t worry about packing a pair of comfortable shoes or a pair of pyjamas; you’re not going to need them. Indulgence is key at this point. However, if you’re travelling with a partner, things might not be the same way for them if they’re a different sun sign, so be prepared to party alone a few nights. Best place to travel: Goa, Canary Islands, Barcelona, Ibiza; Good time: all month; Lucky colours: reds and greys; Lucky charm: a bronze coloured coin – keep it in your wallet or purse and everything will be all right!

geminiGemini (May 22 – June 21)

If you get a chance to travel this month, go for it, don’t think twice! You might end up meeting someone important. This person could turn out to be a long-term partner, business-wise or romantically. Just make sure you keep your mind and heart open. If it’s a probable business partner you end up meeting, and you aren’t sure about entering a deal right away, make sure you talk about it with friends and family. Good time to travel: 23 – 31 Oct; Lucky colour: pearl white; Lucky charm: silver Ganesha idol.

cancerCancer (Jun 22 – Jul 23)

Family travel is on the cards. This is the time when you should take your family on that extensive travel they’ve long been asking for. It is a favourable time for foreign travel. However, make sure you do all sorts of planning and research before setting out for the trip, and take good care of your belongings once there. With a little bit of care, this can turn out to be a great vacation. Good place: Beach Towns; Good time to travel: 14 – 31 Oct; Lucky colour: all shades of blue; Lucky charm: a Swiss knife.

leoLeo (Jul 24 – Aug 23)

Its time you let go of your fear of travelling alone. Going on a trip alone for a weekend could get you a chance meeting with someone you could have a long term romantic liaison. A desert sojourn will be good. If you use recreational drugs, avoid doing on this trip as it may cloud your vision when opportunity knocks in person. Best time to travel: Between Oct 15 – 23; Best Place to Travel: The sand dunes of Barmer in Rajasthan; Lucky Colour to Wear: Green; Lucky Mascot: Camel (buy a small replica of one and keep in your pocket all month).

virgoVirgo (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

A relaxing vacation is just the answer to all your problems. Break all emotional ties for a few days and head to a spa or rejuvenation centre with your partner or closest friend. Ayurvedic treatments might just be the thing for you; don’t shy away from going the distance and indulging in all that the specialists recommend, even if it is something as drastic as hydrotherapy; you will not regret trying it out. Good place to travel: Kerala, Sri Lanka; Lucky colour: whites; Lucky charm: if you make time for this vacation, you won’t need a lucky charm.

libraLibra (Sep 24 – Oct 23)

A work trip is on the cards for some of you but you need to be careful while on tour. Whether you like it or not, you’ll end up travelling with some colleagues. It is a busy time in your life, and you may not have time for this but you need to work on your relationship with your colleagues. The same holds true for those heading out for a leisure trip with family or friends. Good place to travel to: Eastern coast of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Best time to travel: 12 – 31 Oct; Lucky colours: emerald green; Lucky charm: your favourite piece of jewellery.

scorpioScorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22)

This is a good month to try out some adventure sports. This will be a stimulating experience and will enliven your spirits. Since these are usually day activities, make sure you let your hair down at night, yet manage to get some rest and recharge for the next day. A little bit of indulgence in food and alcohol might not be harmful, so go ahead. Good place to travel: North India, Nepal, Bali; Good time to travel: 4 – 18 Oct; Lucky colour: turquoise blue; Lucky charm: a string of red beads, wear it any way – as a necklace, bracelet, anklet.

sagittariusSagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

You’ve been itching to travel for quite some time now! Rest assured, travel is definitely on the cards for you, in fact it seems that travel is all that’s on the cards for you this month. So, go ahead and plan that trip that you’ve been keen on for the longest time; go all out and do everything that you wanted to. You have a tendency to take things very seriously, so make sure you take time to enjoy while you’re travelling – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! If you haven’t been able to spend quality time with your partner lately, now is the time – indulge him/her with surprise visits to places of their interest, and buy them some expensive presents. Good time to travel: all month; Good place to travel: Spiti Valley, Himalayan mountains; Lucky colours: Yellow, Reds; Lucky charm: a Hawaiian print shirt.

capricornCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

If you’re feeling lost, go travel and find yourself. Spend some time in a place, which is conducive to artistic pursuits. This will free you of any past baggage and will prepare you for new beginnings. Indulge in activities like yoga and meditation that will help you centre. Make sure you pack enough materials for artistic pursuits to keep you pacified while on holiday. It would be advisable if you make this a stay-cation and spend enough time in one location. Good place to travel: Dharamsala, Puducherry, Daman and Diu; Good time to travel: 9 – 26 Oct; Lucky colours: greys and brows; Lucky charm: your favourite scarf.

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    • Of course! You’re right, all Leo’s don’t have a fear of travelling alone but some who haven’t done so before must try it this month. :)


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