Nepal: The town where Pied Piper took the children (A Video)

The Children Of Bandipur from Kunzum on Vimeo. You can also watch this video on YouTube

Did the Pied Piper leave the children in Bandipur (read more here) in Nepal?  The ones here seem such a happy lot, playing merrily and not complaining about Sunday being a school day. Saturday is the weekly off. Only the ‘upmarket’ Notre Dame School has a 2-day weekend. I met a fourth grade girl, Devika, who was singing ‘Johnny, Johnny, Yes Papa…’ to an infant. She invited me to sit and chat with her. Has two brothers and two sisters, lives with her mother – her father committed suicide many years ago. She put a blue flowery sticker on my camera – I still have it. And she showed me her sketches – would admit she is talented. At the end, wanted me to buy her something – got her half a kilo each of grapes and apples for Rs. 100. Enjoy the video!

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