Kunzum Route K104: Driving from Delhi to Ranthambhore, Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan

I drove from Delhi to Ranthambhore National Park in May 2010, and took different routes going and coming back. Here goes:

Delhi to Ranthambhore
6:15 am, 0 km: IIT Delhi (in south Delhi)
7:15 am, 68 km: Dharuhera (You may take a pitstop at the Government run Jungle Babbler Motel here – but avoid any tea and food. There is a 24 hour McDonalds between Gurgaon and Dharuhera.)
8:00 am, 117 km: Crossed Neemrana
8:13 am, 132 km: Behror (supposed to midway between Delhi and Jaipur; you will get lots of places to eat here. There is a flyover being constructed so one can just zip across – but I don’t see it getting completed before 2011 or even 2012. Means traffic jams at almost all times of the day)
8:57 am, 187 km: Took a break at Hotel Highway King – they have a restaurant and a Café Coffee Day. The highway is full of signboards advertising it. Unfortunately, the place is shoddy and food bad.
9:30 am, 215 km: Turned left a little after Shahpura on SH 11A on the road that leads to Dausa. Don’t miss this turn – there are no signboards. But it stands out for looking new – at least in May 2010.
10:20 am, 280 km: Dausa (you have to take a little diversion towards the road that leads to Agra from here before turning back in due to road development – do ask around)
11:15 am, 330km: Lalsot
12:05 pm, 396 km: Ranthambhore, Sawai Madhopur

Total driving time taken: 5 hours, 50 minutes
Total distance: 396 km (248 miles)

Ranthambhore to Delhi
9:36 am, 0 km: Left Ranthambhore, Sawai Madhopur
10:30 am, 68 km: Lalsot
11:24 am, 111 km: Dausa (from here turn toward NH 11 going to Agra)
11:47 am, 137 km: Sikandra (turn left from here towards Alwar)
12:50 pm, 211 km: Bypassed Alwar – town is 4 km from this point. Follow signs to Bhiwadi from here as there are alternate routes to Delhi.
1:30 p.m., 254 km: Kishangarh
2:10 p.m., 304 km: Bhiwadi (Immediately after this you will also reach Dharuhera and hit NH8: you have to take the flyover on NH8 in the direction of Jaipur and take a U-turn back to Delhi when you come down. Be careful – it is a tricky turn)
3:30 p.m., 376 km: IIT Delhi

Total driving time taken: 5 hours, 54 minutes
Total distance: 376 km (235 miles)

* I have not included the time where I took stops. In other words, you are only reading actual driving times above except where mentioned.
* The actual distance readings can vary in different cars. Treat these as approximations only.
* Time taken can vary with traffic – always a good idea to leave morning to beat at least some of the rush.
* One rule when driving in India: Keep asking for directions even when you know you are going correctly. With highways constantly being upgraded, you may be directed to some more efficient routes including bypassing towns, or being told about new roads. And locals always know when a road or a bridge has gone under, and may suggest alternate routes.
* The best people to ask for directions are drivers of taxis, buses and trucks. They ply the roads all the time.
* Milestones give distances to centres of town – and the above may not necessarily be measured at that point by me.
* SH: State Highway; NH: National Highway



  1. Hi Ajay,rnrnMy Motorcycling Club Bulls on Parade also rode to Ranthambore in November 2009 and had a great time and also took the similar route as you took.rnrnNow anxiously looking forward to some Tiger-Spotting pics from your side !!!rnrnCheers….rnNishant

  2. this is real informative chief. is of certain help for anyone who wish to travel to ranthambhore. it is there in my travel list for quite smtime now :(. hope i do visit it sm time soon

  3. Excellent, Thank you for this. It would be good if the next article could be on where to stay in Ranthambore,kind of food and costs of stay and food, what to see,etc.rnIt would encourage people like me to go for a weekend there etc.

  4. Dear AjayrnThank you very much for your detailed review of the trip. I have one question in my mind ? Is it possible to drive to Ranthambore in a Maruti Alto ? Specifically between Dausa & Lalsot.

    • Sure Pranab, no problem. If the road is not good, drive slow. You would need to think twice if you were to go in rough mountainous terrains, not in the plains. Most of the road is good anyway.

  5. Thanks Ajay. You have given me a lot of confidence. I was worried whether the vehicle will pass through or not. Thanks fo the reply

  6. Hi
    I am planning to visit to ranthambore in nov
    We are going to drive at night.
    Will leave at 5 from gurgaon to ranthambore.
    Please guide is it safe to drive at night?
    And which route is better to drive at night..


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