Keeping your data safe, on the go, with Seagate

seagate_fa_go_pack_hi_res-blogThe life of a travel writer and photographer often hangs by a thread. One mishap, and all the hard work can morph into undecipherable bits and bytes. I am talking about all the photographs taken and features written – a labour of love and costing a lot of money to put together. What does one do?

Back up all data on the go. Even if one is using a reliable and sturdy Mac like in my case. The option is an easy one, right? Go to Nehru Place (Delhi’s wholesale computer market), buy a regular internal hard drive meant for desktops, put it into an external casing with a USB connection and you are done. Easy? Yes. Cheap? Doesn’t get cheaper. Reliable? I am not betting my career on it.

It makes a lot of sense to pick up an external drive meant to be taken around. It is designed to be sturdy. Not one designed to stay at one place on a desktop. If you are one of those whose hard drives have ever crashed, you will be getting the sentimental drift. In my case, some right advice came my way and I picked up a Seagate FreeAgent Go 250 GB.

For starters, it is Time Machine ready (Mac users know this; for others it is a software on Mac that creates a replica of your applications and data on an external disk whenever you sync to ensure you do not lose anything if the Mac crashes or its lost). Just plug it in and leave it to work like you insurance agent. Did you know it is a pain formatting a disk on the new Macs? Try it.

And then I travel a lot. Over all kinds of terrains. Mostly the rough kinds in places like Ladakh. The weather too swings from snow to burning sun depending where you are at a given time. The Seagate FreeAgent has gone with me everywhere, taken all the bumps, the vagaries of weather too and come out with its embedded lights blinking whenever I plug it back. Touchwood, all is well so far. And it has been like this for a while.

The drive is light to carry around, transfers data is double quick time, comes with a dock to make it easier to work when back at my desk and includes a neat carry case. Want to know more technical specifications? Click here.

Its form factor, with its sleek silver finish, is what you would call a neighbour’s envy. If Seagate would pay me a dollar for everyone who stopped to give it admiring looks or even ask about it while I used it in my hotel lobby, I would have bought myself a new SUV by now. Ok, I am exaggerating here, but certainly another Mac. Maybe I should send Seagate a bill for evangelist services rendered?




  1. Hi Tejaswy, I don’t have the latest prices. But you could ask any of their dealers. Yes, its a fun profession even though not very well paying for the first many years. Cheers…

  2. Unfortunately, my 500GB Freeagent Go died on it’s 3rd month. In spite of being excellent travel companions for backups, external drives are not foolproof either. You need a backup for your backups! Luckily Seagate has a 5 year warranty and will replace it (yet to get to the service center to do so).

  3. Whoops… that’s a pity Vijay. Before deleting any images from my laptop, I make sure I back them only an external drive but a DVD also. One can never play it too safe.

  4. I got one today but i did not get the carry case. Is it after market purchase or should i ping the dealer again?


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