Peep Peep Don’t Sleep (Book Trailer 9): Not in the Fast Lane


This is a trailer of the chapter ‘Not in the Fast Lane’ from my book on funny road signs, Peep Peep Don’t Sleep. Enjoy.

There is now a separate blog, where you can see funny roads signs, shop signs and advertisements not only from the book, but also new ones.

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  1. Hi Ajay. i have heard a lot about you from Mr. Rajesh of banjara. infact this april 2009 when i was staying with him he did mention about your this book. its really amezing with the kind of efforts you have taken pics of these road signs. hats off to you and 3 cheers . I have just joined your most informative blog and site. I would love to meet up with you some time when you are in delhi. keep up the good work. cheers.

  2. Hi Anil, Thanks for your positive comments. :) Sure, would love to catch up sometime. I have just returned to Delhi for a few days, but am off again next week to Ladakh. Hope to meet you soon.


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