More Plains in Ladakh: A football field for Yetis?

More Plains, Ladakh

I have covered thousands of mountain miles but never seen a plateau. When I came upon the More (pronounced ‘mo-ray’) Plains, they were much bigger than what I’d visualised of plateaus from school geography books.

They are endless. Well, 50 km of flatlands at an elevation of 15,000 feet deserves that epithet! And they are flat, for miles after miles, till they run into the surrounding mountains.  What was the creator thinking when He made all this? Did he expect Yetis to play football here?

On some days, the clouds and the sun play hide and seek, yielding dramatic photographs with even the most basic of cameras. Camp here for the evening and you’ll see the most stunning of sunsets. The area is suprisingly active here. You will always have workers building or repairing roads. There is no dearth of traffic either, coming and going to Leh or the Tso Kar and Tso Moriri lakes. For additional company, you can rely on hundreds of goats, sheep and yaks grazing on the little tufts of grass; they belong to the nomadic Changpa clan.

Just be careful not to let your car get stuck; the sand track is suspect. And pray some snowflakes fall on you to provide a cherry to your driving experience.



  1. Looks like my visit to the region is coinciding with your posts…. The More plains are a wonder…. I drove from Jaipur to Manali – Leh – Sringar – Jammu – Delhi – Jaipur…. It would be fun keeping in touch with you ……..


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