Go to Bikaner with an empty stomach

bikaner-090109-0002Bikaner can get anorexics to start questioning their own resolve. The city is full of food, all in your face, being prepared afresh and looking so sumptuous that you may have little choice but to try it all.

Take your pick from kachoris, samosas, jalebis and ghevar straight from the frying wok. Or choose from all kinds of Indian sweets and savouries from menus that read more like encyclopedic compilations rather than offering of a single eatery. Go a level below and join the crowds ordering hot dogs and tikkis simmering in oil.

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Of peculiar note are the rows of stalls selling dried fruits, groundnuts, chickpeas or chanas and other munchies. Each competing to be the best you will ever have had. Not to be missed are the many varieties of bhujiyas, a spicy crisp snack made of gramflour fried in different shapes. Shops selling them go by names like Bhikaram Chandmal, Shri Ganesh, Jai Ganesh etc. After all, Bikaner is the home of bhujiya; I wonder if anyone has applied for geographical indicator for bhujiya just like for Champagne, Darjeeling tea and basmati rice? You can even buy 100 per cent pure cooking oil.

What was surprisingly difficult to find were traditional Rajasthani dishes like daal, baati, choorma etc. But there was a shop selling all kinds of local medicines made from herbs, roots and other ayurvedic formulae. To cure you of virtually everything including obesity, gas, asthma, heart ailments, piles, blood pressure and any orthopedic problems. And the shop claimed to have received awards from the President of India for their work.

If you get sick of eating all the sumptuous Bikaneri food, you know where to head to.








  1. good photo of bikaner foods item, but i want to add more photo in this gallary like rnword famous bikaneri bhujia, rasgulla , finni etc.rngood collection


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