Taste of India: A great gastro map of India

The map below is the best depiction of foods of India that I have ever seen; check it out for a mouth watering journey. Click on the map for a larger view.


Full Disclosure: The map has not been created by me, or anyone I know for that matter. It came to me as an email forward, and it seems it has been going around in cyberspace for a while. There is no attribution, and I am assuming it is copyright free – or at least the creator will not mind it being shown like this. Would be more than happy to attribute the original source if I know it.



  1. delicacy….nagauri is a smalltiny puri and it goes with halwa( sujiatta halwa)..you can drill a hole in nagauri with index finger( do not use mid. finger..!!) and fill it up with halwa and, depending on the size of your mouth, you can have the whole thing in one go..you can find it in old delhi or befriend a bania family for a free treat of nagauri halwa..


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