Kuldhara near Jaisalmer: A medieval architectural wonder

jaisalmer-kuldhara-150109-057The first sight of Kuldhara village, more a town actually, sends one imagination running to the time it may have been inhabited. Buddha Singh, a local contractor engaged by the Government to renovate a temple and a house to showcase the past, was happy to be my guide.

A well planned settlement, the straight and wide streets ran in grids with houses opening into them. All design elements kept both aesthetics and utility in mind. A kind of a garage opened into the streets to park carts in. Temples, stepwells and other structures were all signs of sound development over the centuries.

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The houses themselves ensured all social norms could be well followed according to my guide. The inner courtyard was the designated area for women. It had a small bathtub and a small structure to grow a tulsi plant, revered by Hindus. The outer area was for men and cows. An underground cellar was used to store valuables, but these lie sealed now. In fact, a few westerners are said to have discovered a lot of gold and other valuables with the help of metal detectors a few years back; they were apprehended before they could make off with the booty though.

The yellow hue of the buildings came from the colour of the local mud and stones. The floors of the houses were plastered with cow dung and clay. Bollywood has even shot movies like Kachche Dhaage and Reshma Shera using the backdrop of Kuldhara.

The village may be abandoned now, but it still seems alive. As if, without warning, you will suddenly see thousands of well decked wealthy people appear out of nowhere and generate a hustle and bustle just like the days gone by.

History is full of its sigh moments.


The bathtub in a house
The bathtub in a house


Buddha Singh, a local contractor, who also acted as my guide
Buddha Singh, a local contractor, who also acted as my guide
The inner courtyard of a house
The inner courtyard of a house


A stepwell
A stepwell



  1. awsome pictures ajay ji……salute to your work and passion about knowing the history…..i would love to contact you….great work done.

  2. I am proud that i am paliwal brahmin.after leaving Jaisalmer approx 150-200 years ago our forfather settled in village Kishanganj Dist Baran (Rajasthan) in Hadoti Anchal.
    As per records mentioned in my Janmpatri by my grand father. our marwar village is kuldhara (Khadal ) Jaisalmer. Our family member visited Kuldhara in 2010 and 2011. and they have brough some photographs from their. I have also visited the area while serving in Indian Army.

  3. I Am Proud of that i belong from paliwal brhaman samaj. the sotry of paliwal samaj was very hartly impress And i am very Happy that my purvaj was very strong And bahadur.

  4. i am proud of that i belong from paliwal’s family.

    this is true story

    definitely our purvaj was very strong and good mangeble .


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